RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7: Too Much "Meh" But Still Entertaining

All shows come into a "sophomore slump", usually in their second season. With RuPaul's Drag Race, that slump hit around the seventh season. It's formulaic, even with a new cast of competing queens each season, but that means it's often predictable and the season can be boring and forgettable. So forgettable, the major streaming services neglected to add it to their lineup. However, CBS All Access is here to the rescue – they have all of the seasons of Drag Race on the platform ready for you to catch up on.

Drag Race
RuPaul's Drag Race season 7 (Image: ViacomCBS)

Now, on to the queens! Miss Congeniality herself Katya (the bisexual Russian transvestite hooker) was a big draw for me this season – her and Trixie Mattel are simply amazing and I'm so glad they've gone on to have careers and shows together post drag race. Other than that, there were a few other stand-out queens in the cast, like Jasmine Masters, Ginger Minj, and of course, Kennedy Davenport.

Now, Violet Chachki won (despite her name not being spelled correctly – yes, tchotchke starts with a "T"), and honestly, I don't hate it. I was for sure pulling for Miss Minj, but Violet is young and while she does have a lot still to learn, I feel like her art is more developed than Pearl's. Not to say Pearl shouldn't have made the finale…but come on – Kennedy Davenport got eliminated in favor of yet another young queen? *Yawn*

I'm not salty though – everyone worth their weight is doing well and successful, and we've even had the fan favorites pop back up on All Stars. I think I would have had issues if Ginger, Trixie, Katya, and Kennedy hadn't been brought back on All Stars, however, thank goodness things went how they did. This was clearly before we entered the darkest timeline. All-in-all, the seventh season is a really good time. Formulaic, sure – but it knows what fans like and the personalities they take to, and it casts the show and challenges accordingly. Now? Onto the eighth season!

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