When a Four-Year-Old Girl Helped Change DC Comics' Logo

When a Four-Year-Old Girl Helped Change DC Comics' Logo

Today is my daughter Eve's fifteenth birthday. I know, right? But I wanted to talk about her fifth birthday, ten years ago. Or rather a week before it when DC Comics in their wisdom sent both my girls (it's her sister's twelfth birthday at the weekend) a rather large box of DC kids stuff. In […]

Netflix Gives "The Endless Scroll" a Facelift with New Logo Animation [VIDEO]

As Netflix continues down its righteous path towards the streaming nirvana that is "The Endless Scroll," the service is hoping to both distract and seduce unsuspecting"non-believers" with a new logo animation set to play before its Originals programming. The new logo will be in place for Originals premiering on or after February 1, 2019 (go […]

History-Making House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Receiving VH1 Trailblazer Honors

While the 2018 midterm elections proved to be a huge win for Democrats overall and for 52nd Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi in particular, 2019 hasn't gotten off to a smooth start. Recently-reopened parts of the goverment are threatened with yet another shutdown in only a matter of days – just weeks after the […]

BOOM Studios! To Have Their Logo In Front Of The Empty Man Movie

The Empty Man comes out in cinemas next year, directed by David Prior and starring Marin Ireland, Jessica Matten and James Badge Dale. It is based on the 2015 comic book by Cullen Bunn and Vanesa R. Del Rey for BOOM! Studios, And while movie-goers are used to seeing Marvel and DC Comics logos at the beginning of […]

When Rian Hughes Fixed The Marvel Logo

At the top, the earlier Marvel logo, in the middle, notes from comic book designer extraordinaire Rian Hughes, and at the bottom, the current Marvel logo. Did you notice?

Bobby Timony Fixes The DC Comics Logo

Today, DC Comics unveiled their new company logo. Some people still preferred the DC Bullet from a few decades ago… I fixed the new DC logo #DCComics #logo @DCComics pic.twitter.com/4qxUip22J3 — Bobby Timony (@BobbyTimony) May 18, 2016 What do you think?

Warners And Rowling Trademark "J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World" With New Logo

It's a phrase that Warners has used in plenty a press release picked up by press reports. It also bears similarity to the theme park title "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" But now it's getting a more physical presence. As Warners and JK Rowling have, together,trademarked the words and have now created a logo for "J.K. Rowling's Wizarding […]

Eurovision Song Contest Finale To Air Live In The US

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Eurovision Song Contest finale will air live in the US for the first time. The special will air May 14th on Logo and feature acts from forty-two countries. Previous winners have included ABBA, Celine Dion and Katrina and the Waves. Performances include the likes of Olivia Newton-John, but every so […]

Deadpool To Take Over Viacom Networks In Ad Stunt

The Wrap reports Deadpool is coming to Viacom's cable networks next week in a big ad push. Taking over an hour of programming on eight of the company's networks, the stunt will be positioned as Deadpool offering viewers "commercial-free" entertainment. Television analysts are calling the event rare, but a good way to counter the "waning" […]

A New Comic Book Series Starring Jean Grey To Be Announced In A Couple Of Months?

Maybe she'll get a better code name as well, since everyone decided that Marvel Girl was just  bit terrible sometime in the eighties. But All-New X-Men writer Brian Bendis has been hinting for some time that he'd like to see an ongoing Jean Grey series. Well, Bleeding Cool sources that have proved fairly reliable in the past, […]

Nightwing, Lobo, Lego, And Doctor Who – Sunday Trending Topics

It was a big weekend for Fan Expo, it seems, and there was certainly some interesting news coming out of the show — and in case you missed it, something's going on with Nightwing. John Cunningham had no comment on what will be happening with Nightwing in Forever Evil. He would only say 'the internet is […]

Silhouette Teaser Logo For The Hangover 3 Is Selling You The Wolf Angle

I'm looking forward to the third Hangover 3 like a dose of shingles. Even worse, in fact, because I know pretty much for sure that it's coming, and I even know roughly when. The film's production company, Legendary Films, have unveiled this silhouette of a wolf to promote the film, ahead of it even going […]

Rian Hughes Looks Again At The New DC Logo

When Bleeding Cool broke the story of the new DC logo, we were able to ask comic book logo designer Rian Hughes what he thought, and he was rather complimentary. He's less complimentary now. He writes; As I've mentioned, a good logo should first and foremost work "bare", preferably without any 3D rendering and Photoshop […]

DC New Logo Part Of A Peel Trend Of 2012

Bleeding Cool was the first to bring you news that DC Comics was getting a new logo, then to show you what it was. What we didn't know at the time was how prevalent that approach was. Logo Lounge has been looking at trends in new company logos, and identified the "peel" as one of […]

A New Dark Horse Logo From The Goon

Bleeding Cool ran the cover to Goon #39 a while back, and I made a point to buy it as a result. Then, when picking it up, I noticed something else that made me smile quite a lot. The publisher's logo. Go on, lets take a closer look. Yup, it's a plaster.   The whole […]