"The Masked Singer" Season 3: Group C Sees T-Rex Go Extinct [REVIEW]

FOX's The Masked Singer rounded out Group C finalists and the "Super Nine" cast is officially set.  While Season 3 has had a few ups and downs, the last group accurately whittled down the cast according to talent. The best singers and performers are sticking around – and we have a solid hunch about each […]

"The Masked Singer" Reveals "Bella" Of Group C Ball [SPOILER REVIEW]

After prematurely knocking out a few legends ahead of their time, FOX's The Masked Singer is finally doing justice by their contestants. Group C's weakest singers have been heading home – HUZZAH! And the celebrity unmaskings are still surprising. Although we feel pretty confident about our guesses, we're sure a few more shockers will be revealed as […]

"The Masked Singer" Season 3, Week #2: They "Kahn-ed" The Wrong Mask [SPOILER REVIEW]

Has FOX's runaway hit stalled a bit? The Masked Singer Season 3 delivered some seriously under-whelming performances this week. The third episode concluded with an insulting exit and predictable reveal. Did an iconic singer get "Kahn-ed" into getting canned? Let's breakdown the latest episode and see if new clues inspire new celebrity guesses… Turtle Miss Monster […]

Ravensburger Announces 1st NA Jigsaw Puzzle Championship

Ravensburger Announces 1st NA Jigsaw Puzzle Championship

Ravensburger, the renowned maker of jigsaw puzzles and of other various board games, has announced their plans for a North American jigsaw puzzle competition. From their press release: Ravensburger Announces North America Jigsaw Puzzle Championship First Annual Competition To Debut on Saturday, May 30th in Minneapolis, MN Ravensburger, the world leader in jigsaw puzzles, will launch a brand-new […]

lego masters

"LEGO Masters" Season 1: Let Will Arnett Walk You Through FOX's New Reality Competiton Series (Just Don't Go Barefoot – Those Bricks Are Killer on Your Feet) [VIDEO]

LEGO fans have only a day to go before FOX's brick-building competition series LEGO Masters debuts (set for Wednesday, February 5 – following the Season Three time period premiere of The Masked Singer). Host-executive producer Will Arnett (The LEGO Movie, BoJack Horseman) will be running our 20 contestants through several celebrity-starring theme weeks – including […]

"The Masked Singer" Season 3: With Apologies to Men at Work, Colin Hay [VIDEO]

FOX's The Masked Singer definitely didn't suffer from a "sophomore slump" with its second season – series host Nick Cannon and our "core four" judging panel of Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke proved why the celebrity singing competition has become an international sensation. So what could they possibly do to one-up […]

Was "The Masked Singer" Season 2 Finale Too Predictable? [SPOILER THOUGHTS]

The second season of FOX's runaway hit The Masked Singer upped the star power (as promised). Celebrity contestants used the whimsical show as a comeback vehicle, a personal challenge to showcase their hidden talents, a fun surprise for their families to enjoy, and a way to fulfill their rock star dreams (of sorts). I'm feeling torn […]