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Saturday Night Live: Ingraham's Response As Bad As We Needed It To Be

Do you know one of the best ways to know that someone is bothered by something? To know when something really got to them? By seeing how much they need everyone to know that it didn't bother them, sometimes attempting to be "in on the joke" only for it to lead to some excruciatingly awkward & uncomfortable attempts to be funny that goes over about as well as a wet fart in a crowded movie theater with lousy AC. You need to look no further than last night's edition of FOX "News'" The Ingraham Report with uber-talking head and someone who isn't leaving until she speaks to all of your managers, Laura Ingraham. The target of her sadly & pathetically passive-aggressive attempts at a rebuttal of some type? Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon & her spot-on take on Ingraham during SNL's cold open this past weekend.

saturday night live
Saturday Night Live (Image: Screencaps)

Now, we're not sure what specifically it was about the sketch that hit the rawest nerve. Maybe it was McKinnon's dead-eyed, emotionless take on the host? Maybe it was calling out Ingraham's constant need to portray President Joe Biden as the "Anti-Christ"? Maybe it was demonstrating once again how FOX "News" plays fast-and-loose with its own set of "facts"? Or offering a moment of silence for "America's Dad" & millionaire killer Robert Durst? We're pretty sure having Ingraham going fan-crazy over Pete Davidson's "least popular Joker except for Jared Leto" Novak Djokovic, Ego Nwodim as Ingraham's "one Black friend" Candace Owens, and James Austin Johnson's Wordle-playing Donald Trump didn't help matters. Personally? We think it was the spot-on take on the only remaining sponsored that would still hitch their wagons to that moral dumpster fire and still look themselves in the mirror at the end of the day. Here's a look at the sketch:

Now Ingraham could've let it go like dozens who get parodied do on a regular basis. She could've posted something quickly on social media and gone on with her business. But thankfully, no. Ingraham needed millions to know just how much it didn't bother her by actually slowing down the gears of the propaganda machine to devote a few minutes to let million know just how much it didn't bother her. And how did she do that? By attempting to imitate McKinnon while she imitates her. Set aside the weird meta aspect of it and we have to ask. Is there any way this would end well? No. No, there isn't. But thankfully, we live in a world where painfully unfunny people obnoxiously think they're funny, and more often than not think they're in on the joke when they're actually the joke. Like what you're about to see…

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