Jimmy Addresses Past Mistakes and Speaks to NAACP President Derrick Johnson

Jimmy Fallon: "Different" Show in Light of Protests, SNL Backlash

Fallon began his opening monologue discussing the need to "start personally and expand out," and that meant addressing the SNL matter.Fallon impersonated comedian and Saturday Night Live alum Chris Rock in the original sketch, which also featured Darrell Hammond as Live with Regis & Kathie Lee host Regis Philbin Fallon said the backlash to the[...]

Stories from the Show: SNL At Home

Saturday Night Live Cast Takes Us Behind the Scenes of SNL at Home

The March 7 edition of NBC's Saturday Night Live ended the night like SNL usually does: guest host (Daniel Craig) stands front-and-center, usually with music guest (The Weeknd) and a special guest if there was one that week (Sen Elizabeth Warren), with the cast and house band on stage surrounding them There was no way[...]

Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show, courtesy of NBCU.

Jimmy Fallon Tweets Apology for Wearing Blackface in 2000 SNL Sketch

While NBC had earlier removed the video from the internet, clips have circulated on Twitter and YouTube and gained traction this week.[caption id="attachment_1212326" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Jimmy Fallon from that 2000 SNL sketch, courtesy of NBCU (screencap).[/caption]In a tweet posted late Tuesday afternoon, Fallon wrote, "In 2000, while on SNL, I made a terrible decision to[...]

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SNL Examines The Dark Side Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You know a game has taken over the world when you see it on SNL, such is the case with Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons Its no secret everyone is playing Animal Crossing, especially with a good chunk of the world still under some sort of quarantine measure and not much else to do except[...]

Danny Trejo Song - SNL

SNL at Home Review: Can't Quite Clear Season Finale Tradition Hurdle

NBC's Saturday Night Live put the finishing touches on its 45th season (let that sink in) with another edition of "SNL at Home" The first two efforts were fun and innovative experiments, with the Brad Pitt/Miley Cyrus edition in particular hitting on all cylinders and demonstrating the format's future potential (holiday break editions, summer "Weekend[...]

SNL at Home returns for the 45th season finale of Saturday Night Live, courtesy of NBC.

Saturday Night Live Cast Gets Punchy in New SNL at Home Finale Promo

NBC's Saturday Night Live has gone two-for-two when it comes to this season's "SNL at Home" series, so we're wondering what the cast and creative teams will have in store for this weekend's third edition That's right, the long-running sketch comedy/music series is wrapping up its 45th season from home with a season finale produced[...]


Season 45 Finale Finds Saturday Night Live Staying Home Once Again

NBC's Saturday Night Live found a winning formula with the previous two editions of "SNL at Home", so we're wondering what the cast and creative teams will have in store for this weekend's third edition That's right, this Saturday, May 9, at 11:30 pm ET/PT, the long-running sketch comedy/music series will wrap up its 45th[...]

Brad Pitt plays Dr. Anthony Fauci during the SNL at Home cold open, courtesy of NBC.

SNL at Home Still A Charm Second Time Around, But A Bit Too Polished

NBC's Saturday Night Live returned Saturday night (not sure that needed to be said, actually) with the second edition of "SNL at Home," produced remotely from the cast's homes (or respective "home locations" since we don't want to presume) with familiar elements like "Weekend Update" returning as well as original content from the cast This[...]

Pete Davidson on Saturday Night Live, courtesy of NBC.

SNL at Home: Pete Davidson, Cecily Strong and Bowen Yang Check In

NBC's Saturday Night Live returns tonight at 11:30 pm ET/PT for the second edition of "SNL at Home," once again produced remotely from the cast's homes (or respective "home locations" since we don't want to presume) with familiar elements from the show like "Weekend Update" as well as original content from the cast The first[...]

Saturday Night Live is back with another edition of SNL at Home, courtesy of NBC.

Saturday Night Live Announces Second SNL at Home for This Weekend

NBC's Saturday Night Live clearly liked what it saw (more importantly viewers liked what they saw) with its April 11 "SNL at Home" broadcast, because they're bringing it back this Saturday, April 25, at 11:30 pm ET/PT Taking to social media on Thursday to make the announcement, the second edition will once again be produced[...]

Twitch Stream - SNL

SNL Pokes Fun At Twitch Streamers In At-Home Episode

During last night's At-Home episode of SNL, one of the skits decided to poke fun at Twitch streamers and was pretty much on-point If you're not aware of last night's show, it was the first Saturday Night Live episode to air since the coronavirus shut down practically everything non-essential in New York City So the[...]

Michael Che hosts Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live, courtesy of NBCUniversal.

Saturday Night Live Airing New Episode Produced Remotely This Weekend

Similar to what viewers are experiencing with Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and CBS' The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, this weekend's SNL will be produced remotely (as you can see from the image below) and include both familiar elements like "Weekend Update" and original content from the cast Details on the[...]

saturday night live

"Saturday Night Live" Postpones Next 3 Shows Over Coronavirus Concerns [REPORT]

Variety reports the the news comes from a source close to the network's long-running sketch-comedy series, which was set to have John Krasinski host, with musical guest Dua Lipa.[caption id="attachment_1173399" align="alignnone" width="1906"] NBC Universal[/caption]The combination of the show's live studio audience and NYC location lead to the decision, also in accordance with new health and[...]

“Saturday Night Live”: Daniel Craig’s Awkward Bond-Related Promo

"Saturday Night Live": Daniel Craig's Awkward Bond-Related Promo

The studios originally scheduled the film’s release for April 10th.[caption id="attachment_1173400" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Saturday Night Live / NBC Universal[/caption] "SNL": The Set-Up... Marking the last time Craig plays James Bond, the promo involves him pitching ideas to a writer Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant, and Chris Redd didn’t get the proper greetings they anticipated[...]

Bill Murray

Bill Murray Reliving "Groundhog Day" for Jeep Super Bowl Ad?

Jeep is tapping into 90's nostalgia for what looks like their Super Bowl ad, recruiting some of the cast from modern comedy classic Groundhog Day – including star Bill Murray. The cast revisited Woodstock Square and other parts of McHenry County, Illinois – where director Harold Ramis originally shot parts of the original 1993 film, […]


Peacock, Tina Fey Reuniting Fictional 90's Girl Group "Girls5Eva" for Series

In case you're not in the know or you've been too busy getting your own service off the ground, NBCUniversal is officially launching their own streaming service later this year called Peacock. Yes, that's also the name of a large, colorful animal – but it's also been the mascot for NBC since just after the […]


"Veep" Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus Takes Bite Out of Apple TV+ with New Development Deal

Not a whole lot is available at the moment, but in the midst of this week's Television Critics Association's (TCA) winter press event, Apple TV+ announced a partnership with comedy legend Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep, Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live). Per the multi-year contract, Louis-Dreyfus will both produce and star in shows and projects solely for Apple's […]

“MacGruber”: Will Forte TV Comedy Series in Development from NBCU Peacock

"MacGruber": Will Forte, NBCU Peacock Developing Series Based on "SNL" Sketch, Film

Started as a MacGyver spoof, MacGruber (Will Forte) found himself always attempting to disarm explosive devices in the SNL sketches with obscure items The “crafty supergenius” often found himself distracted before the device went off - and it always went off.[caption id="attachment_1147836" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] NBCUniversal[/caption]The sketches eventually attracted the "real" MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson -[...]

“Colbert”: Larry David “Jokes” Hoping Bernie Sanders Loses to Not Return to SNL

"Colbert": Larry David Wants Bernie Sanders to Lose – But For Purely Selfish Reasons [VIDEO]

David has played Sanders 10 times on NBC’s Saturday Night Live since the 2016 Democratic primaries - and he appeared on Late Night with Stephen Colbert on January 8th to discuss his interactions and joke about the double-edged sword of a possible Sanders POTUS victory.[caption id="attachment_1145098" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] NBC Universal[/caption]"Is there anything you would like[...]