South Park Fan & Singer Ed Sheeran's Life "Ruined" by "Ginger Kids" Ep

It's hard to find a group that the animated satirical comedy South Park hasn't offended in its 23 seasons on Comedy Central (and now with its current run of "special episodes" on Paramount+). While early during the series' run, they had a plethora of celebrity guests including getting musicians Ozzy Osborne, Elton John, and Robert Smith to appear as themselves on top of one-time cast member Isaac Hayes, who played Chef. Another musician who happens to be a fan is singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, who opened up to Slam Radio (via The Independent) about the personal hell he went through because of a season nine episode "Ginger Kids" that targeted those with red hair.

South Park
South Park / The Graham Norton Show (Images: Screencaps)

"Having red hair in England was always a thing that people took the piss out of you for," Sheeran said "But it was never something in America. People never knew what a 'ginger' was in America. That episode of South Park f***ing ruined my life. I was going to America and everyone was like 'I love your hair dude.' And I was like 'Oh my God, people like my hair?' And then I remember that episode coming out and that was just it worldwide for the rest of my life."

In the South Park episode, resident bully and schemer Cartman finds new ways to constantly ostracize Kyle, both voiced by Trey Parker. Cartman labels anyone with red hair as cursed with "gingervitis", a play on words of the dental condition gingivitis. Tired of the nonsense, Stan and Kyle counterscheme to put Cartman in makeup and give him red hair to teach him a lesson. Their plan backfires as they underestimate the kind of cult of personality he becomes as though they learned nothing after all these years from his malicious antics.

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