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South Park
Another musician who happens to be a fan is singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, who opened up to Slam Radio (via The Independent) about the personal hell he went through because of a season nine episode "Ginger Kids" that targeted those with red hair. South Park / The Graham Norton Show (Images: Screencaps) "Having red hair in England was[...]
Pokémon GO Event Review: Ed Sheeran Event 2021
Then, we got something no one would've seen coming with the Squirtle-themed Ed Sheeran event Was this collaboration between Pokémon GO and Sheeran all just hype or was something of value offered to players? Let's take a look. Ed Sheeran in Pokémon GO Credit: Niantic What worked in this Pokémon GO event Another chance at Sunglasses Squirtle: Niantic, hear me[...]
The Ed Sheeran Event Begins Today in Pokémon GO
The next Pokémon GO event begins today with a focus on Water-type Starter Pokémon and… Ed Sheeran. Let's get into the details. Ed Sheeran event graphic in Pokémon GO Credit: Niantic Starting today, Pokémon GO fans will be able to play a new event while also checking out an exclusive Ed Sheeran concert through the in-game news[...]
Sunglasses Squirtle Returns to Pokémon GO for Ed Sheeran Event
Earlier this week, Niantic and pop star Ed Sheeran teased a collaboration in Pokémon GO Early this morning, we learned the full details of this collaboration which will include a special concert and an event Let's get into the details. Ed Sheeran event graphic in Pokémon GO Credit: Niantic Over on the official Pokémon GO blog, Niantic announced[...]
Pokémon GO Teams With Ed Sheeran & Recaps Last Safari Zone Redo
Let's take a look at the details. Pokémon GO and Ed Sheeran teaser Credit: Niantic Following the server issues, Niantic and pop star Ed Sheeran took to social media to share a simple teaser image That image, pictured above, simply pairs Sheeran's name above the Pokémon GO logo over an appropriately ginger background[...]
saturday night live
But with host Kieran Culkin (HBO's Succession) and musical guest Ed Sheeran more than holding their own, the return of NBC's Saturday Night Live showed that it hadn't missed a beat In fact, the episode really nailed its targets right from the start during the cold open (which can be very hit-or-miss) by not only[...]
Saturday Night Live: Ed Sheeran's Game of Thrones Experience "Muddied"
With only hours to go until Saturday Night Live host Kieran Culkin (HBO's Succession) and musical guest Ed Sheeran take the stage at Studio 8H, everyone's busy with last-minute maneuverings before the cameras roll by 11:30 pm ET (we always forget there's that little bit of an early jump since our local NYC NBC affiliate[...]
Saturday Night Live:
Yup, Succession star & this weekend's host Kieran Culkin (with musical guest Ed Sheeran there in spirit) is in Studio 8H for some on-stage promos with SNL cast members Heidi Gardner and Chris Redd– let's take a look! Image: Screencap So in the following two promos, Gardner and Redd let Culkin in on the name game (though[...]
saturday night live
Okay, so we have COVID-free musical guest Ed Sheeran ready to take the stage of Studio 8H this weekend and it's Wednesday before a new episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live If you've run through these gauntlets with us before, then you know what that means Yup, time to check in with host Kieran Culkin[...]
saturday night live
So that means we have an official intro video for host Kieran Culkin (Succession) and musical guest Ed Sheeran (now cleared from COVID isolation) in person Saturday Night Live – Image: Screencap Earlier, we learned who else will be taking the stage of Studio 8H this month On November 13th, we have Jonathan Majors (Loki, Lovecraft Country)[...]
saturday night live
While NBC's Saturday Night Live is set to return this weekend with Succession star Kieran Culkin hosting, there was some concern last month whether or not musical guest Ed Sheeran would be joining him after announcing he had tested positive for COVID Would Sheeran perform from another location (an option we didn't think Lorne Michaels[...]
Saturday Night Live
Less than 24 hours after NBC's Saturday Night Live wrapped this weekend's Jason Sudeikis-hosted (with musical guest Brandi Carlile) episode, it appears Lorne Michaels already has a big issue to address before SNL returns from a brief break on November 6 with HBO's Succession star Kieran Culkin and musical guest Ed Sheeran On Sunday, Sheeran[...]
Phoebe Waller-Bridge & Olivia Colman Get Spitting Image Puppets
This adds to the existing cast of hundreds including Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Cristiano Ronaldo, Prince Andrew, Harry Kane, Vladimir Putin, Harry & Meghan, Beyoncé, Angela Merkel, Dwayne Johnson, Gareth Southgate, Ed Sheeran, Jürgen Klopp, Elon Musk, Adele, Covid-19, James Corden, Emmanuel Macron, Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, and Dominic Cummings. Phoebe Waller-Bridge & Olivia Colman Get[...]