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Star Trek: Picard Showrunner Already Has Seven/Raffi Story In Mind

During a Reddit AMA, Star Trek: Picard Showrunner Terry Matalas may have talked himself into penning a story spotlighting Seven & Raffi.

So now that the series finale of Paramount+'s Sir Patrick Stewart-starring Star Trek: Picard has been streaming for 48 hours, the spoilers signs are starting to drop, and folks are discussing "The Last Generation" much more openly now. And that included showrunner & executive producer Terry Matalas, who took part in a Reddit AMA on Friday to discuss the finale, the series, and the future of the "Star Trek" franchise. And one of those topics that fans needed some clarity on was what the future could have in store for Seven (Jeri Ryan) and Raffi (Michelle Hurd) now that Starfleet has become a major factor in their lives.

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By the time the final credits rolled, we learned that Shaw (Todd Stashwick) had offered a posthumous recommendation for Seven to be promoted to captain of the Titan (soon-to-be USS Enterprise-G) – and that recommendation was acted on. In addition, Raffi would be set as her First Officer (with Ed Speleers' Jack Crusher now a Starfleet ensign). With question marks already surrounding their personal status, Matalas address the additional complications that Starfleet regulations bring to the matter. "I think Starfleet regulations have a lot to say about them being officially together, which is why we had them apart, to begin with. We knew we were ending here, and that would be a big conflict of interest on the bridge. Are they together in secret? Will this ABSOLUTELY be a story you want to tell in the future? A story about a Captain who loves her First Officer and vice versa? Absolutely. Kirk literally stole the Enterprise to save Spock's life. It cost him his son. The best Treks are stories about love and family," Matalas explained, not only leaving the door open to the possibility of more going on with Seven & Raffi than what we see on the screen.

In fact, Matalas left the door open so much that it was starting to sound like he was talking himself into writing a Seven/Raffi-focused arc for "Star Trek: Legacy" (if it happens, of course). "Imagine a story in which Seven has to make a call that could cost Raffi her life on a planet below… but it's a call that would save the lives of countless others. Does Seven make the call? Does she step down and go try to save Raffi and transfer command to Jack in the meantime? The whole episode becomes a countdown. I kinda want to write that one right now," Matalas added.

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