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Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Official Trailer Signals A Journey's End
With less than two weeks away until the season three premiere of Star Trek: Picard, executive producer & showrunner Terry Matalas is always happy to answer fan inquiries when he can… within reason One such fan is hopeful that Kate Mulgrew makes her live-action return as she did in 2002's Nemesis, writing, "All I want[...]
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It's funny how the stars can sometimes align to create new adventures for your favorite characters, especially when you're billing it as a "final journey." It's something that Star Trek: Picard showrunner Terry Matalas wrestles with entering the third and final season as it's the second attempt to date to close the chapter of The[...]
Star Trek: Majel Barrett’s Influence on Digital Assistants Like Alexa
The role as the voice of the ship's computer has been taken over by multiple actors since, and that tradition will continue, according to Star Trek: Picard executive producer Terry Matalas, who responded to a fan inquiry about how it will be handled. Majel Barrett- Roddenberry in Star Trek: The Next Generation Image courtesy of Paramount Star[...]
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Executive producer Terry Matalas is as transparent as they come to what Paramount+ will allow as far as showrunner go offered an affirming response to a fan asking if we'll get one final trailer When we'll see that is another question, however With Monday brining the show's official Television Critics Association winter press event panel,[...]
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As the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard looms closer, more questions emerged from fans that executive producer and showrunner Terry Matalas has addressed Sadly, audiophiles might have to wait longer than expected before the official season soundtrack is released One fan asked on social media, "Will the season 3 soundtrack be out[...]
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Star Trek: Picard executive producer and showrunner Terry Matalas is always eager to give fans more of the series to preview while not upsetting the Paramount brass During Christmas weekend, he shared on social media a tease of composer Stephen Barton's score of the U.S.S Titan theme that will be introduced in the series' third[...]
Star Trek: Picard EP on Possible Enterprise-E Return for TNG Crew
One fan asked executive producer Terry Matalas one of the biggest TNG-related questions Will viewers see the Enterprise-E? Paramount+ "No, but the Sovereign class is," Matalas offered That's a little cryptic since the Enterprise-E featured in the four TNG films is a Sovereign-class vessel itself As viewers know, the Enterprise-D/E crew has largely parted ways, as alluded[...]
Star Trek: Picard: How S03 Opens Opportunities for TNG & Beyond
In a more comprehensive look, executive producer and showrunner Terry Matalas and stars Jonathan Frakes (William Riker) and Gates McFadden (Beverly Crusher) spoke to Den of Geek about what's to come. Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Picard Image courtesy of Paramount+ On Jonathan Frakes & Gates McFadden in Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Frakes recalled the cryptic conversation[...]
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As people enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinners across the country, Star Trek: Picard executive producer Terry Matalas provided a holiday gift in a form of a tweet featuring a short video of a mixer playing "a little family music from S3 for your holiday" that appears to play off the theme from the 1996 classic First Contact,[...]
Star Trek: Picard: EP Terry Matalas on S3, Seven, Riker, Ships & More
If there's anyone who can feed us morsels on Star Trek: Picard, it's showrunner Terry Matalas On Sunday, he posted a brief video on Instagram showing off the U.S.S Titan-A computer interface system, also known as the Library Computer Access/Retrieval System (LCARS) Highlighted is the Neo-Constitution class ship that will be used in season three,[...]
Star Trek: Picard: EP Terry Matalas on S3, Seven, Riker, Ships & More
Executive producer Terry Matalas filled in whatever blanks he could about what little was revealed in the trailer One of the first items of discussion is the USS Titan "So, in the trailer, you see our hero ship of season three It's actually a class that's called, in Starfleet slang, the Neo-Constitution class or Constitution[...]
Star Trek: Picard EP Confirms Seven’s Rank, S3 Villain Isn’t Sela
Since Star Trek: Picard Season 3 teaser was released at San Diego Comic-Con revealing most of the returning Next Generation stars along with holdovers Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) and Raffi (Michelle Hurd), executive producer Terry Matalas took some time to respond to some fan inquiries about the details that come out about the third[...]
Star Trek: Picard: Matalas on Jean-Luc’s Letter; Seven/Raffi Concerns?
Star Trek: Picard executive producer, writer, and showrunner Terry Matalas has been active on social media interacting with fans about the end of season two and naturally, speculation on what we can see in the third and final season of the Paramount+ series One such interaction references The Next Generation cast reveal that will reunite[...]
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Now Picard executive producers Christopher Monfette and Terry Matalas have tweeted more though treading carefully since season two is still going on. Image: Screencap "It was a dream working with [LeVar Burton], [Jonathan Frakes], [Brent Spiner], [Gates McFadden], [Michael Dorn], and [Marina Sirtis] They brought their absolute A-game and added fresh layers of complexity Loads of surprises[...]
Star Trek: Picard Showrunner Teases More Deep Space Nine References
It turns out, that's not all according to co-showrunner Terry Matalas, who teased more coming up after a fan inquiry This is your major spoilers warning for the episode. Pictured: Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard and John de Lancie as Q of the Paramount+ original series STAR TREK: PICARD Photo Cr: Trae Patton/Paramount+ ©2022 ViacomCBS[...]