Steven Moffat Updates Inside Man, Time Traveler's Wife; Jekyll S02?

Usually, when we're covering Steven Moffat it's usually in terms of Doctor Who (especially after how he stepped up to help with the "Doctor Who Lockdown"), with an occasional Dracula and Sherlock post sprinkled in here and there. But Moffat has some new projects in play and thanks to the folks at British Comedy Guide and "Press Ganged," fans are getting some updates on BBC thriller Inside Man and HBO's series adaptation of Audrey Niffenegger's novel The Time Traveler's Wife– and if there would ever be a second series of BBC's Jekyll.

Jekyll image. (BBC Studios)
Jekyll image. (BBC Studios)

BBC's "Inside Man": Like many productions, the upcoming BBC series was delayed by the pandemic but is now back on track. "So Inside Man is on track, I've written three of the four and I'm about to start the fourth one. We've even got a little bit of casting done and it'll be prepping in I think May, which will be exciting. It's not very funny but there are jokes."

HBO's "The Time Traveler's Wife": For Moffat, it's about finding a version that goes right by the novel but also stands on its own as a television series- a process he's still working on. "Well, it's written. Well, no, I can't really say it's written, I've got a version and I'm still working on it, I'm still toiling away at it to make it right because I love that book very much and I want to make sure that I do it justice and at the same time actually make it a TV show, not just a monolith or a commemoration of a book," Moffat revealed. Using the two series versions of The Office, Moffat further explained his approach to the adaptation. "It's different, very different. Like the American version of 'The Office,' unlike the American version of 'Coupling.' It's an inspired new take on the same people. I don't think the original 'The Office' is beatable. It's definitely one of the greatest TV shows ever made. But, my God, they extracted from it everything that went well, which was a lot, and made it a new thing and yet the same thing. So that was brilliant. That's what you want to do. You want to say it's the same thing, but not the same thing. That's a tough consideration."

BBC's "Jekyll": Asked to follow up on a comment in another interview that he had an idea for a second series of 2007's James Nesbitt-starring Jekyll, Moffat doesn't rule out the possibility- but it also doesn't sound like it's on the front-burner regarding when/if it would happen. "Not sure. It feels like a long time ago; it was a long time ago. Jimmy Nesbitt's always going on about it, so I suppose it's not impossible. It's the problem of who makes the sequel to a show that didn't do very well," Moffat admitted. "It was a show that changed its mind about what it was every week so it depends how tolerant you are of that. It wanders madly around the place. Most of the mad places it wandered to were pretty damn fun. Episode 5 was the best one."

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