Ted Lasso's Trent Crimm (Independent) Is The Worst Journalist On TV

The most recent episode of Ted Lasso has had everyone up in arms at Nate. Except for everyone who works as a reporter, who is up in arms at Trent Crimm (Independent). The journalist is a regular on Ted Lasso, played by James Lance (It's James Lance!), but in this episode, he only appeared in a budget-saving series of text messages. That's what happens when you have to pay for a helicopter landing.

Ted Lasso's Trent Crimm (Independent) Is The Worst Journalist On TV
It's James Lance! as Trent Crimm (Independent) in Ted Lasso, screencap.

Not only does he write a salacious piece of gossip for the Independent newspaper, but waits till after publication online to get a comment from its subject, Ted Lasso. I'm not sure the Independent lawyers will have been happy about that. But then he also deliberately reveals his confidential source, as Nate, the coach with some serious personal issues that belie his usual doormat persona. Revealing a source is considered the worst of the worst crimes in journalism, and some hacks have gone to jail before revealing theirs.

Ted Lasso's Trent Crimm (Independent) Is The Worst Journalist On TV
It's not James Lance as Trent Crimm (Independent) in Ted Lasso, screencap.

And not only did Trent Crimm (Independent) do all these things, but he detailed what he'd done on a text message, leaving a paper trail for anyone to screencap. If you are going to break one of the most sacred credos as a journalist or reporter, don't do it in such a recordable and forwardable fashion. In comparison, Lois Lane not revealing to the world that Clark Kent is Superman, and never acknowledging her conflict of interest in every article she writes, is perfectly understandable and acceptable. I'm just a reporter, working for an entertainment website Bleeding Cool, and deal in all manner of salacious gossip from all sorts of ne'er do wells. But you'll never get to find out from whom. Sorry, Trent Crimm (Independent), time for you to quit and get a job in PR.

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