The Always Sunny Podcast Clip: The Guys Are Proud "Penaissance" Men

Another Monday, another episode of Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz's The Always Sunny Podcast. And because we know how to read Wikipedia all by ourselves, we were able to figure out that this week's episode covers (or at least uses the episode as a conversational jumping-off point) "Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead." But as much as we've come to expect a new episode every Monday, we've also come to expect a teaser clip to promote the new episode that could end up literally being on any topic under the sun. For example? In the clip below, Day mentions that he's enjoying Hulu's Lily James & Sebastian Stan-starring Pam & Tommy and from there, the guys discuss how the penis has become trendy and in vogue once again because more of them are being seen on the screen (just not during Zoom meetings).

always sunny
Image: Screencap/Hulu

So check out the clip below as the guys reflect upon "The Penaissance" we currently find ourselves in… and make sure to check out "Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead" here and subscribe to the YouTube channel here (and let's not forget about the original audio podcast, with an audio version of the episode here):

Here's a look back at Howerton making the case that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson deserves credit for bringing back the "baggy" look before moving on to how tall The Rock is before Day shares a great story from the first season when he was asked how "badass" Vin Diesel was in real life. And yes, Day's response was exactly what it needed to be:

Here's a look at the major podcast upgrade courtesy of artist Wencenslao Quiroz (check out his work here), some impressive artwork for the studio's main wall that's a call back to some of the series' finer moments (bonus points for "flexing bicep"):

always sunny
Image: The Always Sunny Podcast

And here's a look at the tweet formally introducing the artwork to the fans:

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