"The Resident" Donates Supply of Masks, Gloves to Atlanta Hospital Staff for Coronavirus Fight

With Hollywood facing the impact of productions being shut down all across the pop culture landscape over coronavirus pandemic concerns, streaming services, studios, and series have been looking for ways they can give back during these tough times. FOX's The Resident found a way to make a huge contribution – one that's pretty fitting for a medical drama.

Seeing the need for basic medical supplies, the medical drama donated their production's supply of masks, gloves, and gowns to the medical staff at Grady Memorial Hospital (GMH) in Atlanta.

the resident
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Here's a look at the Instagram post from GMH rheumatologist Dr. Karen Law, where Dr. Law thanked the show's team for the donation (followed by a transcript of the post).

"Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping."

To the entire team @theresidentonfox, thank you for this incredibly generous donation of #PPE from your set, including gowns, masks, gloves, and all the things our healthcare workers need to provide safe care for our community during #COVID19. .

Yesterday, I had a serious discussion with the residents about how, though supplies are low, a magical shipment of masks is unlikely to arrive. And yet, a magical shipment of masks DID arrive, in the form of this very generous gesture. This kind of community support means so much to our #frontlineproviders who are making many sacrifices to staff our hospitals and care for our community.

Thank you, @theresidentonfox and @foxtv for being helpers. We needed this kind of good news today.

PS: Sorry it's not a great pic, but the focus was not on the photo at the time. Similarly, the team @theresidentonfox are good citizens doing good deeds and not looking for a shout out. Though I encourage all to support The Resident and the great team behind the show and to pay their good deed forward any way you can. .
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In Season Three, Red Rock Mountain Medical has taken over, inserting its own doctors – including new neurosurgeon DR. BARRETT CAIN (Morris Chestnut, "Rosewood") – and nurses into the well-oiled machine that was once Chastain Memorial Hospital, and causing the doctors to fight harder than ever against the corrupting influence of money in healthcare. The hospital is being run like a profit-hungry corporation – reaping huge financial gains, while risking the lives of its patients.

DR. RANDOLPH BELL (Bruce Greenwood) is well-aware of the dangerous deal he has made with Red Rock, in order to get Chastain out of its financial crisis and, as a result, initially turns a blind eye to the new corporate mantra of profits over patients. It's not long before DR. CONRAD HAWKINS (Matt Czuchry), incurs Red Rock's fury when he confronts the problems head-on, becoming a whistleblower. The good fight he leads could ultimately threaten everything he holds dear, including his ability to practice medicine.

The Justice League of young healthcare providers must unite to fight for and with him, with NICOLETTE "NIC" NEVINS (Emily VanCamp) in the lead. Nic attempts to recover from a devastating personal loss by throwing herself into patient care and her work for the uninsured through her clinic. DR. DEVON PRAVESH (Manish Dayal) will find himself rotating out of the ER and gaining experience and power of his own in new positions within the hospital, eventually moving up to a first year resident. DR. AJ AUSTIN (Emmy Award nominee Malcolm-Jamal Warner) will continue to bond with his mentee, the exceptionally talented surgeon, DR. MINA OKAFOR (Shaunette Renée Wilson).

She'll be his support as he navigates a relationship with his complicated biological family, while striving to maintain one with the parents who raised him. Okafor will be faced with a potential new family dynamic of her own, when her best friend, Adaku, who carries the BRCA breast cancer gene, returns pregnant with no father in the picture.

Meanwhile, the power and ruthlessness of new neurosurgeon Dr. Cain takes the hospital by storm. He embodies all the evil that can result when doctors care more for the bottom line than for their patients. DR. KITT VOSS (Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominee Jane Leeves) is the first to realize that his charm hides a medical demon, but standing against him could have serious consequences for her future. Cain's ability to generate millions for Chastain leaves him free to exact swift revenge on those who oppose him – and no one is off limits.

the resident

The Resident stars Matt Czuchry (Dr. Conrad Hawkins), Emily VanCamp (Nicolette Nevin), Bruce Greenwood (Dr. Randolph Bell), Manish Dayal (Dr. Devon Pravesh), Shaunette Renée Wilson (Dr. Mina Okafor), Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Dr. AJ Austin), Jane Leeves (Dr. Kitt Voss), and Morris Chestnut (Dr. Barrett Cain).

FOX's The Resident is produced by 20th Century Fox Television. Todd Harthan, Amy Holden Jones, Rob Corn, Antoine Fuqua, David Boorstein, Oly Obst, and Elizabeth Klaviter serve as executive producers.

The Resident airs on Tuesday nights on FOX.

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