The Three-Body Problem: Tencent Releases First TV Series Adapt Trailer

The Three-Body Problem, the Chinese Science Fiction saga by Liu Cixin, has not one but two highly anticipated TV adaptations, one from Netflix and a Chinese version from Mainland Chinese studio and streamer Tencent. Now it looks like Tencent's version will premiere first. They just released a full teaser trailer this week.

The Three-Body Problem: Tencent Releases First Trailer of TV Series
"The Three-Body Problem" key graphic courtesy of Tencent

This is not the Netflix version of The Three-Body Problem. For starters, it's in Chinese and shot in China. It's not the unfinished and abandoned movie that was shot a few years ago. Some of the top actors in China, including Zhang Luyi and Yu Hewei, have been cast in this series, which is directed by Yang Lei. For everyone who looked at the casting of the Netflix version and saw all the Western and American actors and went "huh?", the Chinese version looks like it'll be a lot more faithful to the original book and not the probably WTF?? changes that Weiss and Benioff will be bringing to the Netflix version.

The Three-Body Problem is a First Contact and alien invasion story. It starts during the Cultural Revolution in China, where an astrophysicist is traumatized by the death of her father at the hands of the Red Guard and in a fit of vengeful rage, sends a signal into space inviting aliens to invade the Earth and destroy humankind. The Trisolarians, a species living in a 3-sun system, receive her signal and accept and begin their invasion, which will take centuries to play out with factions on Earth trying to repel them and others plotting to help them. In the present day, a scientist teams up with a detective to investigate the mysterious deaths of several scientists to discover the imminent Trisolarian invasion, and are inducted into a secret government organization tasked with thwarting the invasion.

Tencent already has a digital comic adaptation of The Three-Body Problem running on the WeComics platform that they own. The studio is all-in on the Three-Body Problem business. The TV series adaptation is probably the most eagerly-anticipated show in China with millions of fans gaging for an adaptation for years.

The Three-Body Problem will probably premiere in 2022, ahead of the Netflix version, on Tencent's streaming service, app and official YouTube Channel.

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