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Three Body Problem: New Chinese Trailer Debuts, Still No Premiere Date
The Three-Body Problem by Chinese author Liu Cixin is the Science Fiction trilogy that's made the biggest splash in the 21st Century, and a TV series adaptation is highly anticipated by fans Just this week, Chinese studio Tencent released a poster and the second trailer for the Chinese TV adaptation. "The Three-Body Problem" poster art, Tencent The[...]
The Three-Body Problem: Tencent Releases First Trailer of TV Series
The Three-Body Problem, Liu Cixin's epic Science Fiction novel is in a unique person of having two different TV adaptations in the works, a Chinese version produced by Tencent and a Western version produced by Netflix We were the first outlet to run a piece highlighting the trailer for the Tencent version – and with[...]
The Three-Body Problem: Tencent Releases First Trailer of TV Series
The Three-Body Problem, the Chinese Science Fiction saga by Liu Cixin, has not one but two highly anticipated TV adaptations, one from Netflix and a Chinese version from Mainland Chinese studio and streamer Tencent Now it looks like Tencent's version will premiere first They just released a full teaser trailer this week. "The Three-Body Problem" key[...]
Three-Body Problem: Hong Kong's Derek Tsang To Direct Netflix SF Epic
The Three-Body Problem, the Netflix adaptation of Liu Cixin's sci-fi trilogy, has cast 12 more actors including Benedict Wong (from Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness), Tsai Chin (from The Joy Luck Club), and Game of Thrones veterans John Bradley and Liam Cunningham. The series showrunners are Game of Thrones duo David Benioff and D.B[...]
Three-Body Problem: Hong Kong's Derek Tsang To Direct Netflix SF Epic
Hong Kong director Derek Tsang has signed to direct episodes of Netflix's adaptation of the Chinese Science Fiction series Three-Body Problem, adapted from the trilogy of novels by Liu Cixin  Tsang's 2019 movie Better Days swept the Hong Kong Film Awards and was nominated for best international feature film at the Oscars He will direct[...]
The Wandering Earth Gets a Sequel for Chinese New Year 2023
Though a title has yet to be announced, the script is largely completed, he said, adding: "Next, we will try to begin new production processes, and will involve more new technologies." As reported by Variety, the sequel will again be directed by Gwo, produced by Gong Ge'er, and supervised by original author Liu Cixin, who wrote[...]
Netflix will adapt "The Three-Body Problem" trilogy (Image: Netflix)
Author Liu Cixin's "Remembrance of Earth's Past" aka "The Three-Body Problem" trilogy (The Three-Body Problem, The Dark Forest, Death's End) will be heading to Netflix, with the streaming service teaming with The Three-Body Universe and Yoozoo Group to develop an English-language series adaptation Making the announcement via social media on Tuesday morning, Peter Friedlander, Vice President, Original[...]
Netflix Releases The Wandering Earth Without Announcement or Fanfare
The movie wasn't listed on any official lists of new shows and movies that were coming to the service in May. In case you forgot, The Wandering Earth is adapted from Liu Cixin's novella set in the near-future where the sun starts to die out and the Earth's governments unite to move the whole planet to[...]
AS of this week, it's earned over $600 million at the Chinese box office and $5 million from its limited US release over 22 cities. Beijing Culture The movie, an adaptation of Liu Cixin's novella about a future where humanity works together to move the entire Earth out of the solar system to escape destruction and find[...]
The Wandering Earth | IMAX® Spot
Variety just announced that Netflix has bought worldwide streaming rights for Frant Gwo's Chinese Science Fiction blockbuster The Wandering Earth starring martial arts star Wu Jing. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Wandering Earth | IMAX® Spot ( Adapting Liu Cixin's 2000 novella, the movie sees the world's government bands build massive engines to take the[...]
Author Liu Cixin has the status of both Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke combined in the Chinese Science Fiction scene The movie has been hailed as a breakthrough, the first Chinese Science Fiction blockbuster, China showing it can play in the same field as the Hollywood big boys. And according to The South China Morning Post,[...]
The Wandering Earth - Earth Engines Trailer
Adapted from a story by bestselling author Liu Cixin, the $48 million epic is due for release in China February 5th, in time for Chinese New Year. The first trailer was released in December. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Wandering Earth – Earth Engines Trailer ( Produced by China Film Group and Beijing Jingxi[...]
Amazon Looks to Spend $1 Billion on Series That's NOT Lord of the Rings
Amazon's mega-programming spending spree continues, as the streaming service follows reported $250 million deal to bring a Lord of the Rings series to television with word they are looking to adapt Liu Cixin's popular Chinese sci-fi book series "Remembrance of Earth's Past" into a three-season show commitment, beginning with The Three-Body Problem Why the comparison to[...]