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3 Body Problem Shortchanges the Most Important Character in the Story
This is silly, considering they already have the 30-episode Tencent Chinese version that's extremely faithful to the book, though censors demanded that the Cultural Revolution scene be removed before it was approved for broadcast. 3 Body Problem (L to R) Eiza González as Auggie Salazar, Jess Hong as Jin Cheng, Saamer Usmani as Raj Varma, Jovan[...]
3 Body Problem: The Saddest Character is not in the Netflix Series
This means the series completely cuts out the Chinese TV series' saddest character, a math genius named Wei Chang. Zhao Jian in "3 Body Problem": Tencent 3 Body Problem's Tragic Savant In the Chinese TV series of 3 Body Problem, Wei Cheng is played by Zhao Jian with Method-level immersion The Tencent series' sole screenwriter, Tian Liang Liang, deepens[...]
3 Body Problem: The Ship Attack Differs in Chinese & Netflix Versions
It's a high-concept action setpiece and example of asymmetrical warfare that no one has ever seen before, and everyone who read the book was eager to see how it would be recreated in live action, which has been down in the 30-episode Chinese Tencent TV version and the Netflix version, but with interesting and (unintentionally)[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep10 Review: The Mystery of the Ye Women
All thirty episodes of the series will be available on the streamer. "The Three-Body Problem" poster art, Tencent The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that The Three-Body Problem would be streaming on Peacock It's hard to know why Peacock decided to get the rights to stream the series now, considering it's still available for free on Tencent's[...]
Blossoms Shanghai: What's the Deal with Wong Kar Wai's First TV Series
All his common tricks, tropes, and tools are present in the thirty-episode series. "Blossoms Shanghai" poster art: Tencent I've watched all thirty episodes of Blossoms Shanghai, and my first impressions have not changed There's a problem with a TV series that goes on for too long, and thirty episodes where not that much happens is just too[...]
Blossoms Shanghai: What's the Deal with Wong Kar Wai's First TV Series
We reviewed the first three episodes and will be talking about the whole series soon. "Blossoms Shanghai" poster art: Tencent Blossoms Shanghai is an adaptation of the 2012 novel by Shanghai native Jin Yucheng and charts the lives of several characters from the 1960s to China's first economic boom of the 1990s The novel, written in Shanghainese[...]
Blossoms Shanghai: War Kar-Wai TV Series Premieres on Dec. 27th
The series will run for 30 episodes of around 50 minutes each, with the first four episodes out on December 27th – followed by two episodes per day with probably a two-day break each week until all of them are available to stream. "Blossoms Shanghai" poster art: Tencent As reported by The Film Stage (who seem to[...]
China Literature Buys All Of Tencent Comics For $84,000,000
Yesterday, China Literature Limited, China's largest online publishing and e-book company, itself a a spinoff of Tencent Holdings, agreed to buy the animation and comics business from its controlling shareholder, Tencent for $84 million This includes all of Tencent Animation and Comics, their related business and IP rights of works, animation and film projects, including[...]
The Three-Body Problem: The TV Series Teases What's Next for Season 2
However, studio Tencent announced that it would be getting not only a second season adapting the second book in the trilogy, The Dark Forest, but also a spinoff miniseries featuring fan favourite character, maverick cop Shi Qiang, played by Yu He Wei The later episodes of the series actually featured easter eggs and teasers for[...]
Three-Body Problem Episode One is Slick but Conventional
Here's why it matters. "The Three-Body Problem" poster art, Tencent The Three-Body Problem is a Milestone in Chinese Science Fiction The Three-Body Problem is the first modern Chinese Science Fiction saga that presented a modern China that looked forward instead of backward It represented modern science-driven China and heralded the current boom in Chinese Science Fiction, putting it[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep 30 Review Part 2: The End of the Beginning
So where does The Three-Body Problem finale go with about fifteen minutes left after the revelation that humanity is doomed to be defeated by an invading alien fleet that's arriving over four hundred years later? First, with despair. "The Three-Body Problem" still, Tencent The Aftermath of the End of Physics Wang Miao and Ding Yi, the scientists with[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep 30 Finale Review Part One: We’re So Screwed
The first book in a trilogy, it reinvents the alien invasion genre from scratch, starting as a murder mystery and investigation, a commentary on a chapter in China's brutal history and its impact on subsequent generations, and expanding to an alien invasion story with existential, scientific ideas beyond most mainstream television. "The Three-Body Problem" still, Tencent Episode[...]
Three-Body Problem Ep 29 Review: Slicing a Ship
It's what fans of the book have been waiting for. Still from "The Three-Body Problem", Tencent So we come back to the cliffhanger from the last episode where Wang Miao (Edward Zhang) was doing the math for whether he can get enough nanomaterial ready in time for the Combat Command Centre to use against Mike Evans' tanker[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep 28 Review Part 2: The Cop Steals the Show
"It's the dragon," his daughter says. "The Three-Body Problem" still, Tencent More Changes from The Three-Body Problem Book Every scene in the series where Wang Miao is with his wife and daughter was not in the book and was created by screenwriter Tian Liang Liang to ground the character emotionally In the book, Wang Miao is a cipher[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep 28 Review Part 1: Answers to the Crime Drama
The first part wraps up the whole history of Science Grandma Ye Wen Jie and how she became the spiritual leader of an alien invasion-worshipping cult. "The Three-Body Problem" still, Tencent Last episode, we finally got the full story of how the Earth Trisolaran Organisation was formed by two traumatized people: Ye Wen Jie (Chen Jia), who[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep 27 Review: Meet Mike Evans, Evil White Guy
This is the last episode devoted to backstory so that all the cards are on the table for what it's been all about, namely Mike Evans. Kenan Heppe as Mike Evans in "The Three-Body Problem", Tencent The Three-Body Problem's Other Bond Villain Elderly Ye Wen Jie (Chen Jin) tells General Chang about the time she and a team[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep26 Review: Science Grandma’s Lack of Closure
Now in custody, she's interrogated by General Chang (Lin Yong Jian) and watched by the generals and Wang Miao (Edward Zhang). "The Three-Body Problem" still, Tencent The Three-Body Problem's First Murders Back to 1979 Political commissar Lei Zhi Cheng (Zhang Fan) had a secret program installed on the computer system and discovered a copy of the alien signal[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep25 Review: A Nuke in the Face
But anyway, it's following the order of events in Liu Cixin's book faithfully, so that's how it's going to be. "The Three-Body Problem" still, Tencent First, we get to the end of last week's cliffhanger in Science Grandma Ye Wen Jie's origin story at the Red Coast base She received a transmission from an alien civilization imploring,[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep24 Review: Science Grandma’s Long Road
Technically, Wang Miao (Edward Zhang) is still trapped in a meeting with over two hundred followers of the Earth Trisolaran Organisation who might murder him, but Science Grandma has held them at bay be calling him her friend and is telling everyone how she came to found the ETO. "The Three-Body Problem," Tencent The Three-Body Problem: Origins We're[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep23 Review: Science Grandma Goes, Bond Villain
And Science Grandma goes full Bond Villain. "The Three-Body Problem", Tencent The Three-Body Problem's Resident Terminator Wang Miao (Edward Zhang) has an invitation to attend a meeting of the Earth Trisolaran Organisation He's going in as undercover for Shi Qiang (Yu He Wei) and the Combat Center But first, Shi Qiang and Xu Bing Bing (Li Ze Hui)[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep22 Review: Coffee is Bitter!
It also features the most emotionally-charged scene featuring a man ordering a cup of coffee, that is a masterclass in screenwriting and acting. "The Three-Body Problem," Tencent Protecting Science Grandma at All Costs Pan Han's ploy setting up reporter Mu Xing to leak his list of the Redemptionist faction to the authorities has worked, with the members getting[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep21 Review: Alien Invasion! Ask Me Anything!
He left her the gun, knowing what she would do, and knows he's going to get away with it. "The Three-Body Problem", Tencent An Equation for Grief We then get two scenes not in the book that offer meditations on grief and loss that we've never seen before The death of Shen Yu Fei (Li Xiao Ran) affects[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep20 Review: The End of the Game is Murder
In fact, as the story progresses, it becomes clear that The Three-Body Problem saga is a series of tragedies, each getting bigger than the last. "The Three-Body Problem", Tencent The Hour of The Math Weirdo Math savant Wen Cheng continues his origin story Shen Yu Fei discovered him working on the Three-Body Problem all on his own[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep19 Review: Cult Leaders and Math Whizzes
There's a rumour that the makers of the series originally planned twenty or twenty-two episodes, but the studio asked them to make thirty so that older viewers not used to hard Science could follow the story better before all hell breaks loose. "The Three-Body Problem" still, Tencent But all hell doesn't break loose yet We still have[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep18 Review: Calling All Spacemen
And she's the most compelling character in the story, even in Liu Cixin's book. "The Three-Body Problem" still, Tencent We're back in the 1970s when Young Ye Wen Jie (Wang Zi Wen) gets transferred to work in the Monitoring Department It's Political Commissar Lei's idea, and Chief Engineer Wang Yei Ning is dead set against it, even[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep17 Review: Science Grandma’s Haunted House
It has more action than Liu Cixin's book. "The Three-Body Problem" still, Tencent One More Clue for The Three-Body Problem The episode opens with Shi Qiang (Yu He Wei) badgering General Chang for the classified files on Ye Wen Jie, aka Science Grandma (Chen Jia), especially when he and Wang Miao are about to chase her and Shen[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep16 Review: A Math Savant and a Murder Plot
That includes new scenes not in the book to move things along. "The Three-Body Problem", Tencent Introducing Wei Cheng, The Three-Body Problem's Math Weirdo Shi Qiang (Lu He Wei) and Xu Bing Bing (Li Ze Hui) go to the Frontiers of Science headquarters to interrogate Shen Yu Fei (Li Xiao Ran) only to meet her math nerd husband[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep15 Review: Goofy Human Computer Sim Game
That's right, we've come to the "turn a whole country's people into a single living computer" part of the story. "The Three-Body Problem", Tencent Shi Qiang (Yu He Wei) is still waiting for General Chang (Lin Yong Jian) to get Science Grandma Ye Wen Jie's file declassified so he can find out the missing parts of her[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep14: Dead Birds and Cold War Science
Episode fourteen of The Three-Body Problem has been unlocked to stream for free on Tencent's YouTube channel, so non-subscribers to their streaming service are experiencing the show at the same time as everyone in China who's watching it on broadcast television This time we start going into Science Grandma's time at the Red Coast satellite[...]