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Three-Body Problem Ep 29 Review: Slicing a Ship
We're down to the twenty-ninth episode of The Three-Body Problem and it's really just the beginning of the climax Apparently the production saved a quarter of the show's FX budget for the big action climax of both the book and the series It's what fans of the book have been waiting for. Still from "The Three-Body[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep 28 Review Part 2: The Cop Steals the Show
The second half of episode twenty-eight of The Three-Body Problem feels like a different episode altogether We're past the British-style murder mystery now that it's been answered Wang Miao (Edward Zhang) has gone home after all the revelations of Science Grandma Ye Wen Jie's confession to ruminate quietly on the tragedy of it all He[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep 28 Review Part 1: Answers to the Crime Drama
We're approaching the endgame of The Three-Body Problem now with just three episodes to go Episode twenty-eight is really two different chapters of the story with completely different tones There's so much to discuss that we're splitting our review into two parts It's practically two half-hour episodes put together The first part wraps up the[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep 27 Review: Meet Mike Evans, Evil White Guy
Episode twenty-seven of The Three-Body Problem completes the history of Science Grandma Ye Wen Jie's story and how she came to form the Earth Trisolaran Organisation with an American named Mike Evans (Kenan Heppe) This is the last episode devoted to backstory so that all the cards are on the table for what it's been[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep26 Review: Science Grandma’s Lack of Closure
Episode twenty-six of The Three-Body Problem completes the story of Science Grandma Ye Wen Jie's (Chen Jin) time at the Red Coast base Now in custody, she's interrogated by General Chang (Lin Yong Jian) and watched by the generals and Wang Miao (Edward Zhang). "The Three-Body Problem" still, Tencent The Three-Body Problem's First Murders Back to 1979[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep25 Review: A Nuke in the Face
Episode twenty-five of The Three-Body Problem comes in three segments, and there's real action this time, which often feels like a surprise when most of the story is cerebral and talks about hard science But anyway, it's following the order of events in Liu Cixin's book faithfully, so that's how it's going to be. "The Three-Body[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep24 Review: Science Grandma’s Long Road
In episode twenty-four of The Three-Body Problem, things slow waaaaaaay down again as we flash back to Science Grandma's origin story and her long path to become a full-blown terror leader and Bond villain Technically, Wang Miao (Edward Zhang) is still trapped in a meeting with over two hundred followers of the Earth Trisolaran Organisation[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep23 Review: Science Grandma Goes, Bond Villain
Episode twenty-three of The Three-Body Problem is where things get really real War is coming With aliens, no less People have been murdered to make it easier for that to happen And Science Grandma goes full Bond Villain. "The Three-Body Problem", Tencent The Three-Body Problem's Resident Terminator Wang Miao (Edward Zhang) has an invitation to attend a meeting[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep22 Review: Coffee is Bitter!
Episode twenty-two of The Three-Body Problem is almost all new material not in Liu Cixin's original novel It was created for the show by screenwriter Tian Liang Liang who, along with the producer and director, know the book inside-out and is one of the best episodes that make the story better It also features the[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep21 Review: Alien Invasion! Ask Me Anything!
Episode twenty-one of The Three-Body Problem opens with a twist: turns out Pan Han (Johnny Zhang) didn't exactly murder Shen Yu Fei Video cameras at her house showed he left before she shot herself He left her the gun, knowing what she would do, and knows he's going to get away with it. "The Three-Body Problem",[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep20 Review: The End of the Game is Murder
Episode twenty of The Three-Body Problem is where things start to move despite a slow start, but what it reveals is important, and major shifts happen where everything changes, including more tragedy In fact, as the story progresses, it becomes clear that The Three-Body Problem saga is a series of tragedies, each getting bigger than[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep19 Review: Cult Leaders and Math Whizzes
The nineteenth episode of The Three-Body Problem continues the series' slowed pace with more exposition that we need to know before it goes any further There's a rumour that the makers of the series originally planned twenty or twenty-two episodes, but the studio asked them to make thirty so that older viewers not used to[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep18 Review: Calling All Spacemen
And we're at episode eighteen of The Three-Body Problem, where we delve more into Science Grandma Ye Wen Jie's (Chen Jia) story How do we know? Because the opening credits sequence and the song always show her and Red Coast base when the show is about her And she's the most compelling character in the[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep17 Review: Science Grandma’s Haunted House
Everything changes in episode seventeen of The Three-Body Problem We already read the book, so we saw it coming, but it was still fun to see how the show handles it, and there are quite a few changes from the book that make the show better It has more action than Liu Cixin's book. "The Three-Body[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep16 Review: A Math Savant and a Murder Plot
In episode sixteen of The Three-Body Problem, lots of plot happens again to set up what comes next Things previously hinted at are finally spelled out loud so that viewers understand what's going to happen next That includes new scenes not in the book to move things along. "The Three-Body Problem", Tencent Introducing Wei Cheng, The Three-Body[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep15 Review: Goofy Human Computer Sim Game
Episode fifteen of The Three-Body Problem moves away from Science Grandma's story in the Cultural Revolution just when things were about to get interesting We go back to the online VR game that's all the rage with scientists and intellectuals for the goofiest episode in the whole series That's right, we've come to the "turn[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep14: Dead Birds and Cold War Science
Episode fourteen of The Three-Body Problem has been unlocked to stream for free on Tencent's YouTube channel, so non-subscribers to their streaming service are experiencing the show at the same time as everyone in China who's watching it on broadcast television This time we start going into Science Grandma's time at the Red Coast satellite[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep13 Review: Science Grandma Begins
Episode thirteen of The Three-Body Problem is unlocked for free streaming, so time to recap and review Yes, the show is insanely faithful to Liu Cixin's book, following its basic structure, including having Ye Wen Jie, aka Science Grandma's origin story, in the middle of the story as it was originally serialized in China (and[...]
Three-Body Problem: Chinese TV Series Premieres on January 15th
The Three-Body Problem, the Chinese television adaptation of Liu Cixin's Science Fiction novel, is arguably the biggest Science Fiction show in the world right now, even if most people watching it are in China Rumour has it that the series has over one hundred million viewers following the show from beginning to end, including rewatches[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep12 Review: Gamer’s Paradise
Episode Twelve of The Three-Body Problem leaves the Cultural Revolution after the last episode's cliffhanger and takes us back to the present day – well, 2007, the year the book was originally published in China and, therefore, the story's present Ye Wen Jie, aka Science Grandma's origin story, once again takes a backseat while the[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep11 Review: Intense but Still Censored
The eleventh episode of The Three-Body Problem is the one every fan of the book has been waiting for They thought it couldn't be done, that would be censored They're kind of right The episode begins Ye Wen Jie's experiences during the Cultural Revolution that leads to pivotal moments in the story but waters it[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep10 Review: The Mystery of the Ye Women
Episode ten of The Three-Body Problem has been unlocked on Tencent's YouTube channel, and it's the last episode before things start to get intense The first half of the episode is a character-based set-up again, with moments not from the novel but designed to keep the audience invested emotionally in the characters Liu Cixin's book[...]
The Three-Body Problem: Chinese SciFi Epic Premieres in September
Episode nine of The Three-Body Problem has been unlocked on Tencent's YouTube channel, and it's an interesting one to talk about The original novel by Liu Cixin can be rather dry with talking heads, mostly scientist Wang Miao and cop Shi Qiang explaining the plot and scientific theory to each other and the reader The[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep8 Review: Everything Happens All At Once!
The eighth episode of The Three-Body Problem suddenly goes into overdrive with all kinds of things happening after several episodes where nothing happened It's about time, frankly To try to review it is to give a shopping list of all the things that happened Several changes and additions were made to Liu Cixin's original story[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep7 Finally Gives Us The Three-Body Problem
Tencent is now unlocking a new episode of The Three-Body Problem free to stream on YouTube on the same day that episode airs on broadcast television in China, so we're back to reviewing those new episodes on their day of free release so that you can watch it before or after you read our review[...]
Three-Body Problem Episode One is Slick but Conventional
The disappointing sixth episode of The Three-Body Problem is now free to watch on Tencent's YouTube Channel Tencent unlocks an episode for free the same day it premieres on Chinese broadcast television, which makes sense when they want as many people to get to see it as possible Subscribers to the streamer can watch new[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep5 – A Meltdown and A Cop’s Wisdom: Review
It took a few days, but the fifth episode of The Three-Body Problem is now free to stream on YouTube This is on Chinese streamer Tencent's official YouTube channel When the series premiered on January 15th, the first four episodes were released for free Subsequent episodes would be uploaded daily on weekdays but were locked[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep5 – A Meltdown and A Cop’s Wisdom: Review
Tencent has locked all YouTube episodes of The Three-Body Problem past Episode Four behind a subscription wall But hey, it's a lot cheaper than a Netflix subscription which you have to pay for too, and they still don't have their own version of The Three-Body Problem scheduled We'll let you know if more episodes get[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep4 Introduces Science Grandma: Review
It's become our daily ritual to watch a new episode of The Three-Body Problem Might as well enjoy it while it lasts, which is thirty episodes in total, so one a day until it's over It's a slow burn as it takes its time to cover the book in the first epic Science Fiction television[...]
The Three-Body Problem: Tencent Releases First Trailer of TV Series
The third episode of The Three-Body Problem unlocked today, and it's time for a review That's right; we're going to cover this show just like we're in a book club talking about a new chapter every day Considering Liu Cixin's epic trilogy is the most significant Science Fiction epic since Frank Herbert's Dune, and the[...]