The Walking Dead Cast Didn't Walk Away Empty-Handed By Any Means

With only hours to go until the series finale of AMC's The Walking Dead, fans are preparing to say goodbye to the 11-season chapter while also preparing for what's to come with a number of previously-announced spinoffs as well as the return of Fear the Walking Dead. Of course, there's no future without first finding out first how the battle with the Commonwealth and a deadly walker variant horde wraps up, and that's got a lot of folks nervous. Look no further than award-winning singer Adele, who voiced her concerns about the finale during the opening of her Las Vegas residency. So to help give everyone a break from the stressing & speculating for a few minutes, we're passing along something fun to check out. This time around, we have a look at what props and other items the cast "helped themselves to" before filming wrapped for good on the long-running series.

The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan knows what should happen to Trump. (Image: AMC)
The Walking Dead (Image: AMC)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: "It's a constant battle with [director] Greg Nicotero. He always seems to get the props. I have a bat from a couple seasons ago, so I have Lucille. Lucille is in a glass case in my office. I took care of her. And Negan really didn't have anything other than Lucille. That was the big prop for him."

Norman Reedus: "I walked out with my whole costume. I literally drove home in my outfit, and to be honest, I didn't really even mean to. I was so busy hugging people and saying goodbye that I literally just walked right into my car and drove off afterward.

I have a vest from every season, and I have a crossbow from almost every season. If crossbows weren't so big, and I didn't live in Manhattan with limited storage, I would've had one from every season. I have the original crossbow with the wooden arrows. And two of the arrows are broken because Rick was following me in his Hyundai back in the day, and my crossbow fell, and he drove over two of the arrows. So I have the original two broken arrows that he drove over.

And I still have Andy's [Andrew Lincoln] beard in a bag, and I still have Scott Wilson's pointy tail in a bag. I have all that. I didn't take my bike, though. The bikes are staying here. What am I going to do? Put the bike in my car and drive off with it?"

Melissa McBride: "I have a thing that I took a long time ago, which was Sophia's hair tie that had the little pink bubble on it. There were also some wardrobe pieces that were kind of fun that came from my wardrobe, that they did a copy of, and I got some of the multiples back. And props gave me Carol's knuckle knife. She had multiples of those, but they gave me one. I love having that. Then I got the back of the cast chair. That was very sweet. I didn't really take anything that wasn't given to me, I have to say that."

Lauren Cohan: "Oh, I took it all! [Laughs] No, I just got my boots and my chair. A lot of Maggie's wardrobe actually came up here to our studio in New Jersey [for filming on 'Dead City']. I also got some of my favorite photos ever on the last day. I have an amazing photo of me and Norman [Reedus] on his electric bicycle."

To find out what more than a dozen other cast members, as well as what Showrunner/EP Angela Kang and TWD CCO Scott M. Gimple walked away (or didn't walk away) with, check out the full overview here.

A Look at AMC's The Walking Dead Series Finale "Rest in Peace"

In the following image gallery for "Rest in Peace" (directed by Greg Nicotero, with story by  Kang and the teleplay by Corey Reed & Jim Barnes), there are two big takeaways that jump out to us. First, seeing Judith (Cailey Fleming) moving around means our speculation theory was dead wrong (which we're very happy about). And then there's that image of Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) sitting across from each other. That one image speaks so much on an emotional level and leaves me wondering if we'll see some narrative threads leading into their spinoff, The Walking Dead: Dead City.

the walking dead
Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

AMC released a featurette that finds Judith narrating the journey that not only she's taken but also Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Michonne (Danai Gurira), and Carl (Chandler Riggs). And while we're trying to sound "cool guy snarky," we're just doing that to mask the fact that the following compilation really is a punch to the heart. Though it's a compilation of the openings that we've seen so far, seeing them edited together makes a big difference. And that (somewhat) hopeful ending showing Michonne and Rick? Yup, that hooked us in hard. Now here's a look at "Judith Grimes Tells Her Journey," followed by a look back at the previews for "Rest in Peace":

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