The Walking Dead: Reedus Knows Spinoff Title He Wants; S11E18 Preview

With AMC's The Walking Dead heading into the second of its final eight episodes this weekend, Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) stopped by Jimmy Kimmel's ABC late-night talk show to check in with the host on a number of topics. Of course, our focus is on what he had to offer TWD intel-wise, and Reedus didn't disappoint. Along with discussing how the cast and crew reacted on the day final filming day, he also brought along a preview clip of S11E18 "A New Deal" that sees Daryl packing to leave with Judith (Cailey Fleming) and RJ (Antony Azor)… but why? Unfortunately, we don't get the answer to that in the clip… or where it is that Judith's gone. Following that, Kimmel asked Reedus about the upcoming spinoff that Reedus teases finds Daryl in Paris "not of his own free will." Having spent months location scouting & discussing the project, Reedus adds that viewers will appreciate how "epic" it is, with castles and moats in play. And after teasing that they might even end up "destroying the Louvre" (couldn't tell if he was serious), Reedus also made it known that he knows what he wants the spinoff to be called (even though an official name hasn't been set yet). Spoiler? Let's just say that it would be easy to remember…

the walking dead
Image: ABC Screencap

Here's a look at Reddus' visit with Kimmel on Tuesday night, where they also discussed Reedus being afraid of horses, his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, his very vivid dreams, proposing to his now fiancée Diane Kruger, and more (with the preview for The Walking Dead S11E18 and spinoff discussion beginning at the 7:15 mark):

Now here's a look back at the Season 11 Part 3 official trailer for AMC's The Walking Dead (with S11E18 "A New Deal" currently streaming on AMC+ and airing on AMC this Sunday night):

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