Tony Khan Unfairly Updates Dynamite Card After Moxley Announcement

In the wake of news that Jon Moxley has gone to rehab and won't be on AEW Dynamite this Wednesday, AEW President Tony Khan has updated the card for the show in a way that, in the opinion of The Chadster, is totally unfair toward WWE. The Chadster definitely sympathizes with Jon Moxley; The Chadster has been known to overindulge in a six-pack of White Claw seltzer whenever AEW beats WWE in the ratings, so The Chadster knows what it's like to need help with addiction. There's no shame in that. Where there is shame, however, is that Tony Khan seems determined to put on a great episode of Dynamite despite this setback, which is so disrespectful to WWE, who can barely put on a decent episode even without major setbacks. There is also shame in the fact that The Chadster cannot sexually consummate his marriage because Tony Khan and AEW have rendered The Chadster sexually impotent, but we aren't here to talk about that right now.

Tony Khan Unfairly Updates AEW Dynamite Card After Moxley Announcement

Khan was a guest on Wrestling Observer Radio with Bryan Alvarez, and he dropped the following news about tonight's episode of Dynamite:

Card changes are nothing new, and frankly, in the pandemic, we've learned how to handle card changes pretty well, I think. This is a major change. Jon is one of the most important people in the company, but we have great depth. So, to address the Eliminator semifinal situation and who's going to be wrestling Orange Cassidy, I'll address that tonight on Dynamite. I think there's a very logical answer, and we'll reach a very logical conclusion. It should be a great match, and I'm really excited about the tournament.

There are a lot of other announcements about tonight's show that I have been holding off on making because I really wanted to show respect to Jon and I felt that announcing matches didn't make sense when we had such an important announcement to make early this week. So I held back and we just announced the world champion Kenny Omega is going to be in action. I think our company account was going to be posting that right around the time I went on here.

I have booked him in a rematch of a match that kind of set the internet on fire about a year and a half ago. When we were taping through peak pandemic in Atlanta, there was a match that really got a lot of buzz, particularly on Twitter, before Alan Angels was in the Dark Order. He wrestled Kenny Omega, and he put on a great performance, and it was just a really entertaining match and I think it took a lot of people by surprise. And it got Alan Angels a job here, frankly, and he's been an important part of the Dark Order. And ahead of the Kenny Omega/Hangman Page world title main event at Full Gear, and of course, last week, having seen the Dark Order and the Elite eight-man tag which Hangman Page got involved in at the end, I thought it would be a great match for tonight and a great way to preview Full Gear and also just an exciting, bell-to-bell match. So tonight, Kenny Omega is going one on one vs. Alan Angels.

Auuugh man! Come on, Tony! That match was already good back when nobody cared about Alan Angels! It's totally unfair to have the match again now that there's so much history there. Once again, Tony Khan proves that he doesn't understand anything about sports entertainment and that he has zero respect for the wrestling business.

But Khan wasn't done. Continuing his personal mission to ruin The Chadster's life, Khan announced another match for tonight's episode of AEW Dynamite.

I like working with other wrestling promotions, and one company the AEW has worked with from day one is AAA, and the AAA tag team titles were defended on the first AEW pay per view, Double or Nothing. And we've had that Triple H tag team titles as a part of AEW really from day one because the Lucha Brothers and the Young Bucks had held those belts up until very recently. For the last couple of years, those are the only teams that had held them. And now, of course, FTR won those belts. And I don't know, did you guys see the open challenge they put out last night?

OK, so they put out an open challenge last night. It's a very good promo. It might look familiar to real old-school wrestling fans, some of the circumstances in this promo. So they have put out an open challenge for tonight's show. But there is an exception. They will not wrestle the Lucha Brothers. They want to wrestle luchadores. They want to take on great masked luchadores and prove that FTR are the greatest lucha team of all time. But there is a catch: they will not wrestle the Lucha Brothers. They've already beaten them, they say. And so I went out and tried to find the two best luchadores that I could get to take on FTR, knowing that they're not going to step in the ring with the Lucha Brothers. So FTR are going to defend the AAA tag titles tonight against Samuray del Sol and Aero Star on Dynamite.

That's two more matches added to Dynamite tonight, and the card now stands like this:

  • Cody Rhodes vs. Andrade El Ídolo
  • Anna Jay vs. Jamie Hayter in the TBS Championship Eliminator Tournament
  • Kenny Omega vs. Alan ANgels II
  • FTR vs. Samuray del Sol and Aero Star
  • Orange Cassidy vs TBA in the AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament

Plus more that will probably be announced at the show. Auughh! It's so unfair! The Chadster would chug a White Claw seltzer right now, but out of respect for Jon Moxley, he won't do it until later in the garage.

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