Turner & Hooch: 4 More Join Cast of Disney+ Reboot Series

Disney+, 20th TV, and series writer/executive producer Matt Nix have added four more to the cast of the streaming service's series reboot of the 1989 cop/dog caper Turner & HoochAnthony Ruivivar (The Haunting of Hill House), Brandon Jay McLaren (The Twilight Zone), and Jeremy Maguire (Modern Family) will join Josh Peck, Lyndsy Fonseca, Carra Patterson, and Vanessa Lengies as series regulars. In addition, Becca Tobin (Glee) is set to recur in the 12-episode season. Josh Levy serves as co-executive producer, with Disney TV Studios' 20th TV producing (Deadline Hollywood first reported exclusively). In the updated series, Peck's Scott Turner is an ambitious, career-driven (and slightly uptight) U.S. marshal whose life gets flipped around when he ends up with a big old dog who might just end up being the best partner he's ever had.

turner & hooch
A scene from Turner & Hooch (Image: Disney)

Ruivivar's US Marshall Chief James Clark is Scott Turner's boss who has a high level of respect for the marshal- but not to comfortable around Hooch. Small problem? Hooch is a big fan of Chief Clark's. When Hooch helps solve a case, Chief Clark has a change of heart and bends the rules to allow him to receive K-9 training. McLaren's Xavier Watkins is a marine-turned US Marshal who's cool, enigmatic, and a bit quirky. As one of the most experienced deputies in the office, he has a lot to teach younger deputies like Turner. Although he's more of a cat lover, he finds a kindred spirit in Turner's sidekick, Hooch.

Maguire plays Turner's nephew, Matthew: a dog lover who is thrilled to drop off the huge, slobbery Hooch with his Uncle Scott after Scott's late father leaves Hooch to him. Tobin's Brooke is a federal prosecutor and Turner's ex-girlfriend. She comes from a wealthy family of powerful lawyers but downplays her wealth and status. She represents everything Turner thinks he wants out of life—she even likes his slobbering K-9 sidekick, even if Hooch occasionally chews on her legal briefs.

The original film starred Hanks as Detective Scott Turner and Beasley the Dog as Hooch, who find their way into each others' lives after Turner's best friend and Hooch's owner is murdered. Also starring Mare Winningham (The Outsider) and Craig T. Nelson (The Incredibles franchise), the film would go on to become a box office hit (grossing $71M on a $13M budget) and has earned a fond place in the pop culture zeitgeist over the years. On an interesting note, this would actually be the second effort to bring the film to the small screens. In 1990, ABC developed a half-hour pilot – produced by Touchstone TV and starring Thomas F. Wilson (Back to the Future franchise) as Det. Scott Turner and Beasley the Dog reprising his role. Though the pilot wasn't picked up for a series run, it did reach eyeballs in 1990 as part of ABC's Wonderful World of Disney.

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