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Making the BCTV Daily Dispatch menu board today? SAG-AFTRA, HBO's House of the Dragon Showrunner Ryan Condal/Hellboy, FOX's TMZ's Merry Elfin' Christmas, Netflix's Yu Yu Hakusho, Prime Video's The Boys: Mexico, Disney+'s X-Men '97, Disney+'s Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, Max's Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake, WWE/CM Punk, Apple TV+'s Foundation, Netflix's Cobra Kai, BBC's Doctor Who, NBC's Saturday Night Live, ABC's Dick Clark's New Year's[...]
Modern Family, Eric Stonestreet, and The Spinoff That Could Have Been
It turns out there was a Modern Family spinoff that got turned down At some point, we all have wondered where our favorite family and its members have ended, from Pritchetts to Dunphys to Tucker-Pritchetts Did Gloria succeed in her realtor career? What about Cam coaching at the new school and Mitchell trying to get[...]
Modern Family
On my days off, I like to surround myself with treats and shows I have binged on over and over, ABC's Modern Family being one of those shows I will leave on in the background playing while I get stuff done It is definitely one of those shows that feels like an old friend that[...]
arrested development
Show, Modern Family), who voiced Jimmy Pesto Sr., Bob's restaurant-owning, across-the-street rival But it was the reason that drew a ton of headlines at the time, with the long-running animated series making the move over Johnston's alleged action on January 6th – when a large number of Donald Trump supporters attempted to stop the counting[...]
modern family
Recently, I have picked up Modern Family marathons and have watched the show all over, with the exception of the later seasons, 10 and 11— not the strongest of the bunch, if we are honest That said, the show still brings comfort to my evenings and a smile to my face more often than not[...]
Phil, Mitch, Cam, Claire, Jay, Gloria, and the rest of the family gather for another group hug selfie on Modern Family, courtesy of ABC.
Not looking to be left out of the streaming riches being enjoyed by Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and The Office, ABC's long-running family ensemble sitcom Modern Family will be joining both Disney's Hulu and NBCUniversal's Peacock in a shared deal With a deal reportedly "well into nine figures," the series' 250 episodes will be[...]
A scene from Turner & Hooch (Image: Disney)
Disney+, 20th TV, and series writer/executive producer Matt Nix have added four more to the cast of the streaming service's series reboot of the 1989 cop/dog caper Turner & Hooch. Anthony Ruivivar (The Haunting of Hill House), Brandon Jay McLaren (The Twilight Zone), and Jeremy Maguire (Modern Family) will join Josh Peck, Lyndsy Fonseca, Carra Patterson,[...]
Jay reflects back on the years with his family in Modern Family, courtesy of ABC.
If you're a fan of ABC's long-running family sitcom Modern Family, then this has been a pretty tough week for you After 11 seasons, the series shuffled off the network's programming coil with a two-part finale that found a way to balance bringing closure to a number of series-long storylines while opening a number of[...]
Phil, Mitch, Cam, Claire, Jay, Gloria, and the rest of the family gather for another group hug selfie on Modern Family, courtesy of ABC.
After eleven years of growing up in each other's homes, ABC's Modern Family comes to an end Eleven seasons of countless emotional memories Even as "Finale" had viewers tearing up, we were given an ending that both brought closure as well as open new chapters to their stories It really felt like a family, you[...]
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons pose behind the scenes during the final season of Modern Family, courtesy of ABC.
After 11 seasons on the air, the Pritchett, Dunphy, and Tucker families are set to end their Modern Family run with a two-part series finale on ABC It's not like fans didn't know it was coming, and yet there's still this feeling that it snuck up on them when they weren't looking Like how Supernatural[...]
ABC's Modern Family countdown continues and the heartbreak we've been feeling is imminent, and this episode was a good segue to start leading into what will be a final double feature next week to go out with a bang It starts giving us a look into what the future holds in store without having to[...]
"Modern Family": Fun, Touching "Baby Steps" Towards Finale [REVIEW]
I was bracing for an emotionally tough episode of ABC's Modern Family this week… you know, with only three more episodes to go I can only assume each episode will feel like a "goodbye" of some sort However, I was suprised that it was actually fun and got – dare, I say – quite a[...]
"Modern Family" Season 11 "Baby Steps": Phil vs. "That Step": Final Round! [PREVIEW]
ABC's long-running hit comedy series Modern Family has been doing its part during its final season to "clean up" some loose storyline threads from the series' 11-season run – and this week's episode finally addresses one of the show's longest-running conflicts. No, not Phil (Ty Burrell) vs. Jay (Ed O'Neill) – though it looks like that relationship[...]
"Modern Family" Season 11 "Spuds": The Parent(s) Trap? [PREVIEW]
ABC's long-running hit comedy series Modern Family has reached its own version of "The Final Four" – and we have a prediction about the finale While we don't pretend to have the show expertise that our own Alejandra Bodden's been demonstrating this season with her episode-per-episode reviews (check out her thoughts on "Paris" here), we[...]