Westworld Offers Viewers Season 3 Finale Behind the Scenes Look

If you're anything like me, you're probably still reeling from the third season finale of Westworld. HBO really outdid themselves production-wise with this whole season; it wraps the story up nicely and does so while serving the aesthetics and world so beautifully. Speaking of beauty, behind the scenes of this show is just as breathtaking as what we see on camera, as shown by the behind-the-scenes featurettes we have been getting at the end of every episode each week. The final making-of segment is up on the internet in all its glory, and it's fantastic. In case you're not caught up, there is basically nothing but major spoilers here for the season 3 finale, "Crisis Theory".

Dolores and Caleb prepare for action in Westworld, courtesy of HBO.
Dolores and Caleb prepare for action in Westworld, courtesy of HBO.

In the video, they talk about everything that went into filming the massive riots: there were lights on drones to add movement and a drone presence, a wardrobe that marked a distinct opposite from the structured society they were trapped in, they even discuss shutting down the city blocks in LA and dressing the set – they spared no expense, and it looks great. They also talk about Rheobaum and Dolores' death and what a tragedy it was having to say goodbye to this version of the character. But don't worry, in an interview, creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy mentioned that they have no idea how many seasons are in the cards for the show, but assure us Evan Rachel Wood would not be parting ways with the show anytime soon if they can help it (and they write the show).

That's a relief because Dolores (regardless as to if she's good, bad, or somewhere in between) is an amazing character and the show would absolutely not be the same without the character or Evan Rachel Wood. But with the way the episode ended, it does look like we'll be spending more time with Arnold (Jeffrey Wright), Maeve (Thandie Newton), and Host Hale (Tessa Thompson) next season. We're used to waiting years between seasons, so this may be luckily timed so we get minimal show delays from Westworld. There's still that multi-year wait, though. Ugh.

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