The Witcher (Image: Netflix)

Take Notes, Geralt: The Witcher Showrunner Knows How to Slay a Troll

In the world of fantasy, that number is even smaller.So do I feel like I belong here? Hell Yes I fucking LOVE it here I love this genre, the blood and swords and monsters and guts and swearing (duh), the complex characters, the romances, the politics, the wit, the subversiveness It's as layered as my[...]

A look at Merlin from Cursed (Image: Netflix)

Cursed Teasers Introduce Nimue's Friends & Foes; The Hidden Summon

With writer/artist Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns) and writer/producer Tom Wheeler's (Puss In Boots) Cursed set to tell the tale of Nimue (13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford) when the Netflix series arrives on Friday, July 17, the streaming service is introducing viewers to the major players in the story still be told. In the […]

Abdul Salis and Stuart Graham are joining Amazon's Wheel of Time series (Images: BBC)

Wheel of Time: Amazon Prime Series Casts Abdul Salis, Stuart Graham

We see what you're doing there, "The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime Book Club." Sure, you've been doing a great job getting fans up-to-speed on Robert Jordan‘s “Wheel of Time” series of novels before Amazon Prime's fantasy series adaptation debuts But that whole "sneaking in casting news in the middle"? A particularly nice touch,[...]

Katherine Langford stars in Cursed, courtesy of Netflix.

Cursed Star Katherine Langford Discusses Bringing Nimue to Life

Viewers will soon be taken on a journey into the world of writer/artist Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns) and writer/producer Tom Wheeler's (Puss In Boots) Cursed when the series premiere on Friday, July 17. Now, star Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why) takes us behind the scenes to discuss what it was like to bring […]

A look at The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Carnival Row (Image: Disney+/Amazon Studios).

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Carnival Row Are Travel Ban Exempt

On Tuesday, the European Union (EU) named the 14 countries from outside of the EU who could enter starting July 1- and the U.S was not on that list due to our country's continued growing number of COVID-19 cases. To say that got a whole lot of people here in The States who work on […]

CURSED (Katherine Langford) | New Trailer | Netflix

Cursed Trailer: Nimue's Journey Towards Her Destiny Begins Here

The world of writer/artist Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns) and writer/producer Tom Wheeler's (Puss In Boots) Cursed comes to life on Netflix beginning Friday, July 17, and now viewers are being treated to another look inside the reimagining the Arthurian legend as seen through the eyes of Katherine Langford's Nimue. In the following trailer, the […]

A look at Snowpiercer season 1, episode 7 (Image: TNT).

Snowpiercer Season 1 Preview: Melanie Shows She Can Be Very Persuasive

TNT's Snowpiercer has done an amazing job of not only amping up the action and tension as we head into Sunday night's episode "The Universe is Indifferent." Huge credit for that needs to be given to the developing chess match between Layton (Daveed Diggs) and Melanie aka Mr. Wilford (Jennifer Connelly), forced to jump back-n-forth […]

The Twilight Zone, "Meet in the Middle" is now available for free (Image: CBS All Access)

The Twilight Zone Offers Season 2 Premiere for Free, Episode Guide

Host/executive producer Jordan Peele, executive producer Simon Kinberg, and CBS All Access have thrown open the doors to the second season of The Twilight Zone, but just in case you're not completely sold? They're offering you a chance to check out one of the episodes for free, and an episode guide to the season to […]

Brave New World | Official Trailer | Peacock

Brave New World Trailer: To Belong, All John Has to Do is Connect

With Peacock set to take flight on July 15, NBCUniversal's new streaming service released a slew of official trailrs for their opening line-up of originals. One of those was for Brave New World, David Wiener (Homecoming, The Killing), Grant Morrison (Batman, Justice League), and Brian Taylor's (Happy!) take on Aldous Huxley's popular novel. Originally set for USA […]

The new additions to The Wheel of Time (Image: Amazon Prime Video)

The Wheel of Time: Amazon Prime Video Casts 6 More in Series Adapt

Those taking part in The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime Book Club as part of #WOTWednesday were the first ones to learn of some major casting news for Amazon Prime's fantasy series adaptation of late author Robert Jordan‘s “Wheel of Time” series of novels In the middle of a tweet discussion of Jordan's works to help[...]

The cast of Hotel Del Luna (Image: CJ ENM)

Hotel Del Luna: Skydance, CJ ENM Adapting Korean Fantasy Drama Series

The Korean series does deal with the deity Mago as sort of a grim reaper type figure; there is no word on if the character will be cut or kept in the American version.Skydance TV president Bill Bost believes the series has the potential to reach a diverse audience with a combination of the fantastic[...]

A look at Foundation (Image: Apple TV+)

Foundation: Apple TV+ Releases Series Trailer for Isaac Asimov Adapt

At today's online 2020 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple TV+ had a pleasant surprise for fans of Isaac Asimov's sci-fi novel trilogy "Foundation": a first-look at the upcoming series adaptation starring Lee Pace (Halt and Catch Fire) and Jared Harris (Chernobyl). While not set to hit the streaming service until 2o21, the clip below does an […]

Jaskier from The Witcher (Credit: Netflix)

The Witcher Season 2 Announces Production Restart Date Jaskier-Style

Since Netflix's The Witcher announced back in March that production on the second season was being shut down (like dozens of others) over the growing COVID-19 pandemic as well as new second-season cast member Kristofer Hivju (Game of Thrones) testing positive, fans have waited patiently on the word when Henry Cavill (Justice League), Anya Chalotra […]

Changa and the Jade Obelisk #1 Review — Draws The Reader In

Changa and the Jade Obelisk #1 Review: It Draws The Reader In

With a relentless sense of urgency, lushly appointed artwork, and an engaging cast, this new fantasy work, Changa and the Jade Obelisk #1, makes a bold statement that gives the bigger publishers a run for their money Here’s the gag: in the 1400s, a prince escapes captives who have claimed his family heirloom as part[...]

Here's a look at the next set of preview images from Cursed (Image: Netflix).

Cursed Preview Images Focus on Nimue's Friends and Foes

With writer/artist Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns) and writer/producer Tom Wheeler's (Puss In Boots) Cursed is ready to reimagine the Arthurian legend told through the eyes of Katherine Langford's Nimue beginning Friday, July 17, the streaming service is following up Thursday's trailer and date announcement with a slew of new preview images and shine more […]

CURSED (Katherine Langford) | Trailer | Netflix

Cursed Teaser: Could Nimue Be the Queen the Sword Chooses?

We knew from the waves of preview images that were released last month that it was only a matter of time before we got our eyeballs on Netflix's Cursed. Stemming from writer/artist Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns) and writer/producer Tom Wheeler (Puss In Boots), the series serves as a re-imagining of the Arthurian legend, […]

A look at promo art for Skullkickers (Image: Jim Zub, Edwin Huang and Chris Stevens)

Skullkickers Being Developed as 2D Animated Comedy-Adventure Series

The series was first published by Image Comics in 2010 and has built a loyal following over the past decade alongside surging interest in fantasy-based entertainment. [caption id="attachment_1222758" align="aligncenter" width="600"] A look at promo art for Skullkickers (Image: Jim Zub, Edwin Huang and Chris Stevens)[/caption]Based in Toronto, Canada, Zub has brought his creative influence to audiences[...]

Restaurant to Another World: Yen Press Launches Fantasy Cookery Manga

Restaurant to Another World: Yen Press Launches Fantasy Cookery Manga

To these customers, Nekoya is known by a different name: Restaurant to Another World.READERS BEWARE: Reading this manga may lead to uncontrollable drooling and a grumbling belly!”Restaurant To Another World is another new type of story that mixes two different genres that somehow the Japanese do before anyone else does: the foodie genre with the[...]

Descender, Ascender TV Rights Land at NBCUniversal's Lark Productions

A little more than a month after Netflix announced it had given the adaptation of his comic book series Sweet Tooth a series greenlight, New York Times bestselling author Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer) could see another one of his works heading to the small screen. Co-created with artist Dustin Nguyen (Batman: Streets of Gotham), Image […]

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne in Carnival Row (Image: Amazon Prime).

Carnival Row Star Cara Delevingne Offers Season 2 Production Update

That's especially good news for freshmen series such as Amazon's fantasy series adaptation Wheel of Time and Disney+'s Marvel's The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, as well as Amazon’s Carnival Row At the time that resuming of productions in the Czech Republic was announced, it was reported that the Orlando Bloom/Cara Delevingne-starrer was already preparing to return[...]