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Welcome back to our weekly preview of The CW's Jared Padalecki-starring action-drama Walker, with this week's episode "Rule Number 17" finding the investigation into Emily's (Genevieve Padalecki) beginning to heat up and bring in some familiar faces Cordell Walker (Padalecki) and Capt James (Coby Bell) have a line on a high-stakes poker game where one of[...]
the nevers
But to do that, they will find many a friend and foe over the course of "Part One"- and now, HBO is offering a new set of preview images (posted throughout the article) to introduce viewers to the angels, demons, and everything in-between who populate the world of HBO and series showrunner Philippa Goslett's (Little[...]
Kung Fu S01E01 Review: Olivia Liang Shines in Promising Series Start
We are not even seven minutes into the cold open before the first fight sequence quells any doubts you might have about the action we can expect from the series These fight scenes could be longer but we still have a story to tell Hopefully, they will get a little longer as the season progresses[...]
Kung Fu S01E01 Images, Previews; Olivia Liang on Nicky Shen's Journey
All Rights Reserved In the following clip, Liang discusses Nicky's return home and the need she has to step up and do what's right: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Kung Fu | Olivia Liang – Nicky Stands Up | The CW ( In this next clip, the cast discusses the show's more realistic and unexpected[...]
the nevers
With HBO and series showrunner Philippa Goslett's (Little Ashes, Mary Magdalene) upcoming sci-fi, fantasy, action/drama The Nevers set to hit screens starting this Sunday, April 11, at 9 p.m ET/PT, viewers are getting a chance to hear from the cast about what makes the cable series so special and different In fact, from Laura Donnelly[...]
Stranger Things 4 (Image: Netflix)
In addition, Brett Gelman's Murray Bauman has been promoted to series regular. With a fourth season that finds "a new horror is beginning to surface, something long-buried, something that connects everything," here's a look at who's playing who- offering clues to not just where our heroes stand since we last saw them but also to where[...]