Why Does No One Want to Lift Weights with WWE Star Baron Corbin?

Anyone who reads my wrestling articles here on Bleeding Cool knows that Baron Corbin is my favorite wrestler. And when you're the favorite wrestler of a well-known and influential journalist like #TheChadster, you would expect that endorsement to translate into massive popularity. However, again and again, when I post articles about what's going on in the life of the Ratings King of Friday Nights, I can't help but think it all seems a little bit sad.

As The Ratings King of Friday Nights, it's the job of Baron Corbin to make his offense look good.
The life of a Ratings King of Friday Nights can sometimes be a lonely one.

By now, we're all well-versed in how Corbin is constantly showing off his skills as a culinary god, preparing all manner of delicious meats on his smoker and in the kitchen. And yet, these social media posts by Corbin receive hardly any interaction and certainly far less than the cooking exploits of Renee Young, even though Corbin is every bit as good a cook as Young is. It seems like any time Renee Young posts anything related to cooking, every person in the wrestling industry is all like, "Oh Renee, I can't wait to try your Yorkshire puddings!" or "Hope you'll invite me to the BBQ!" But when Baron Corbin shows off the delicious ribeye steaks, he's got cooking; it's crickets. Do people just not like steaks?

But it's not just Baron Corbin's culinary exploits that are shunned by his peers. In a recent video posted to Twitter, Corbin revealed that he couldn't even get anyone to spot him while lifting weights. Come on, people. Are you really to busy to help your fellow wrestler out with a little spotting? Tell you what, Barry. Anytime you need a spotter, just give The Chadster a call. I'll tell Keighleyanne I've got to go on a business trip, hop in the Miata, and make the drive down from Pennsylvania to Florida to have your back… as long as you have of that delicious ribeye steak ready for me when I get there. We can talk trash about the internet marks together.


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