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Try Guys: Without A Recipe LIVE! Baking Fun Churro Chaos: Review
While a majority of the live cooking event felt very well calculated and put together, some moments had the expected silence as they cooked the churros in real-time It wasn't a perfect virtual event, but it came quite close to it. Credit: Try Guys Try Guys: Without A Recipe LIVE! had a fantastic incorporation of polls for[...]
A warm and inviting Roast My Little Pony, the perfect centerpiece of your next holiday feast.
Next, a series of tips anyone should already be familiar with or they have no business cooking a massive holiday meal in the first place And then, finally, after you've strung the readers on long enough to fool Google into believing this must be valuable content that should be surfaced more often in search results,[...]
Selena + Chef: HBO Series Debuts Tastes Of Summer On August 18
HBO Max's Selena + Chef has its fourth season quickly approaching (on August 18th, to be exact), with Selena Gomez bringing multiple new guests such as Adrienne Cheatham, Devonn Francis, Gordon Ramsay, Kristen Kish, Ludo Lefebvre, Matty Matheson, Nick DiGiovanni, Paola Velez, Priya Krishna, and Rachael Ray on to the show. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max Photograph[...]
Iron Chef Series Reborn For Netflix With Teaser Trailer & Date
Follow the exciting cooking combat along with Alton Brown, Kristen Kish, and Mark Dacascos this summer. Cr Adam Rose/Netflix © 2022 The legendary Iron Chef series is reborn with a supersized approach to the ground-breaking culinary competition that started it all It's been called the toughest culinary challenge a chef will ever experience This is where world-class[...]
Julia: HBO Max Series Based On Iconic Chef's Life Debuts March 31
The life and iconic presence of Julia Child's career is coming to HBO Max as an original comedy series, Julia, featuring a unique look at a cooking legend With a grand personality, Child has been portrayed by many in the past including big names like Meryl Streep, and now the torch is passed to Sarah Lancashire in Julia[...]
Iron Chef: Quest For An Iron Legend Coming To Netflix Late 2022
The competition's most successful Challenger will return to battle in a grand finale for the chance to be named the first-ever "Iron Legend." can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Iron Chef America – SECRET INGREDIENT ( Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend will be an eight-episode cooking competition series based on Fuji Television Network's[...]
Hell's Kitchen Season 20 E08 Preview: Relay Races & A Season-First
After last week's round saw line cook Kevin Argueta paying the price for falling behind in Chef Gordon Ramsay's eyes (with no follow-up statement), this week's round of FOX's Hell's Kitchen finds the remaining chefs taking part in a cooking-related relay race From there, five of them will face off in the very first  "Cook[...]
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© 2021 FOX MEDIA LLC. Hell's Kitchen Season 20, Episode 7 "If You Can't Stand the Heat…": The chefs go head-to-head in today's challenge, each cooking up a different international cuisine against a chef from the opposing team Later during dinner service, Chef Ramsay kicks a chef out of the kitchen for the first time this[...]
Hell's Kitchen Season 20 E05 Preview: Do The Young Guns Speak Emoji?
Later, one team has its best dinner service performance yet, while the other team struggles to find its groove can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Preview: It's An Emoji Cooking Challenge! | Season 20 Ep 5 | HELL'S KITCHEN ( HELL'S KITCHEN returns for its landmark 20th season HELL'S KITCHEN: YOUNG GUNS, as Chef Gordon[...]
Chopped 420
Announced on Saturday, the spinoff of the popular cooking competition series sees fur chefs compete through appetizer, main course, and dessert stages utilizing picnic baskets filled with different, challenging foods- except in this series, cooking with cannabis is an essential basket element The winning contestant walks away with a $10,000 grand prize Comedian and actor[...]
Worst Cooks in America logo (Image: Food Network)
Viewers of Worst Cooks in America along with the rest of the world learned some shocking news this weekend, with Food Network canceling the latest season of the cooking competition series after the winner of Season 20 was arrested for a child's murder On Tuesday, Ariel Robinson, age 29, and her husband Jerry Robinson were[...]
Cooking With Deadpool, In February
There is an upcoming Cooking With Deadpool book by Marc Sumerak and Elana Craig, to published by Insight Editions There's no escaping it, it just is. Cooking With Deadpool Recipe Book Begins By Choosing The Right Knife   Here's the blurb. Deadpool brings his inimitable style, foul-mouthed humor, and notorious skill with a blade to the kitchen in this[...]
WWE's Renee Young (Renee Paquette) doing commentary for Monday Night Raw (Image: WWE)
The book, which just went up for pre-order on Amazon this week and is described as "a cookbook for quirky home cooks looking to impress friends and family with a fancy meal, delicious cocktails, and intoxicating conversation," has already hit #1 on Amazon in the Cocktails and Mixed Drinks category. WWE's Renee Young (Renee Paquette) doing[...]
Bon Appetit Test Kitchen stars (left to right) Priya Krishna, Rick Martinez, Sohla El-Waylly, Gaby Melian, and Senior Editor Molly Baz (Images courtesy Bon Appetit/Conde Nast).
Second, Sohla has been at the epicenter of a giant shakeup at Bon Appétit and their popular channel, and Rea's invitation to appear alongside him is a show of solidarity and support in a scandal involving structural racism at one of the top cooking entertainment brands in the country. Bon Appetit Test Kitchen stars (left to[...]
Can you smell what The Ratings King of Friday Nights, Baron Corbin, is cooking?
A cooking competition, that is, between WWE star Baron Corbin and recent AEW acquisition Eric Bischoff. Can you smell what The Ratings King of Friday Nights, Baron Corbin, is cooking? That's right Finally, The Ratings King of Friday Nights is being recognized for his greatest talent: grilling meats AEW's Eric Bischoff challenged WWE's Baron Corbin to a[...]