WWE Star Dave Bautista Mocks Donald Trump Over Erectile Dysfunction

WWE Hall-of-Famer and Hollywood megastar Dave Bautista is at it again, feuding with fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump on Twitter. Bautista used a hashtag to attack the President over his ability to maintain an erection. Bautista posted a photo of porn star Stormy Daniels, who previously claimed that Trump suffered from erectile dysfunction, along with the hashtag "#TrumpCantKeepItUp," commenting, "It's true. He really can't"

WWE Star Dave Bautista is outspoken about his dislike of Donald Trump.
WWE Star Dave Bautista is outspoken about his dislike of fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer Donald Trump.

Bautista has been involved in a heated, if one-sided, feud with the President for months. His Twitter account is currently named "Person, Woman, Dave Bautista, Camera, TV," mocking Trump for bragging about doing well on a cognitive test designed to detect dementia. It's unclear whether this feud is building toward a match in a WWE ring, but as the saying goes, never say never in the world of professional wrestling, which is where both Bautista and Trump come from.

Starting with hosting WrestleMania 4 and 5 at his Atlantic City resort, Donald Trump has long been associated with the pro wrestling company. Trump has been an in-storyline owner of WWE in the past and participated in the record-breaking Battle of the Billionaires at WrestleMania 23. The president, like Dave Bautista, is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, and once employed Linda McMahon in his presidential cabinet before she left to head up a super PAC dedicated to his reelection. The McMahon family has donated millions to Trump's political aspirations. If nothing else, one would think that Trump's connections with WWE could at least score him a good deal on Blue Chew, a product advertised on pretty much every wrestling podcast.

Vince McMahon and Donald Trump in a storyline face-off, courtesy of WWE.
Vince McMahon and Donald Trump in a storyline face-off, courtesy of WWE.

Even so, WWE has refused to even mention Trump on its programming since he was elected. Many believe the company is attempting to remain apolitical, but the truth is, they may just be waiting for his run as president to be over so he can return for another run in the WWE ring. If so, a match against Bautista would be the perfect way to conclude Trump's illustrious pro wrestling career. Hopefully, we'll get to see that match sometime in 2021, as we'd hate to have to wait until 2025 for the payoff.

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