Number Crunching: Hellblazer #265

 Comic: John Constantine: Hellblazer

Issue number: #265

Really? Oh yes. 265 of the buggers, plus a load of spinoffs, annuals, mini-series, guest appearances and a bad film.

Creators?: Peter Milligan, Simon Bisley and Trish Mulvihill.

Price: $2.99

Pages: 22.

Price per page: 13.6 cents

Average panels per page: 4.7

Time spend reading: 30 minutes.

Really? Time spent reading first page: 10 minutes.

Really? Time spent reading first panel: 9 minutes.

Really? It's a beautiful panel of a man burning to death, a lot of black detail and white space, with the reds and yellows burning through. I couldn't tear myself away.

If you say, so. I do.

Isn't Bisley's art a bit slapdash these days? He seems to have had an epiphany of late. Detailed and shaded pencils in the new game.

 How does it feel? Like a return to the older Hellblazers.

Maddest moment: When you realise that the bad guys are The Conservative Party and they're hiring punk assassins to do their dirty work. You have top go "oh for fuck's sake, really?" while kinda admiring the old-school simplicity of it and just roll with the story. A bit like enjoying an old punk band still playing – which is terribly apposite because this comic is about an old punk trying to keep the spirit alive. In this case quite literally with an effigy of Sid Vicious.

Is that the second maddest moment? It is, yes.

Music references: Everything from Sex Pistols to Jam to Blur to John Lydon's campaign for Country Life butter. The two-part story is called No Future, from the song God Save The Queen.

Will you be back for part 2 of "No Future"? Hell, yes.

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