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Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics of Ankeny, Iowa, writes weekly for Bleeding Cool. Find previous columns here. He writes; my previous 25 hot comics columns were about what comic back issues were hot at the time. In these times, I thought, why not try a Top 25 comics of affordable issues that have the potential to go up in value?

This list and the research for it was done by me and me only. If there were a sure way to pick up comics before they explode in price, I would be buying back issues a lot more and not writing about it, and there would be a lot of people doing it. I do these to help keep me up to date on back issues and because I enjoy doing these and like to share the information.

  1. Batman #436 $8. Tim Drake has taken a back seat to Batman's son Damian it seems at times. Though, Tim Drake is still popular as a past Robin and currently being featured in the pages of Young Justice. His first appearance in Batman 436 from 1989 seems like a steal. Here in my store, Tim has a loyal following.
  2. Captain America #360 $13. From 1989 introduces the first full appearance of Crossbones. Granted, Crossbones made it to the big screen, and as tends to happen with Marvel second-string villains in the movies, he was killed off. Crossbones is one of Captain America's cooler looking villains and has seen a lot of use over the years. A new storyline focusing on Crossbones that makes him even better liked by readership could be the breakout to make his first appearance more sought out.
  3. Convergence Superman #2 $16 From 2015. Jonathan Kent as a baby's first appearance. Here in the store, young Jonathan's adventures with Damian were well-liked. The Adventures of the Supersons limited series was enjoyed by the readership here, and the characters together had a following. Jonathan's sudden aging so that he could be in the current Legion of Superheroes was a mixed bag for his fans here. Will Jonathan Kent still be featured in the DCU once Bendis moves on from the Legion? Will the character find renewed excitement? Time will tell.
  4. Daredevil #270 1st Blackheart $15. From 1989. Blackheart is introduced in this issue. Blackheart is the son of Mephisto. Mephisto has been a big villain throughout Marvel's history. Could Blackheart play a more prominent role in future Marvel storylines? Also, this issue guest-stars Spider-man. Not bad for an old comic.
  5. Detective Comics #608 1st Anarky $10. From 1990. Anarky's first appearance. Anarky briefly even had his own comic series. Could the future hold something for an Anarky comeback?
  6. Fantastic Four #558 $10. from 2008. This issue is Old Man Logan's first appearance. Old Man Logan had his own series and was on an X Men team. Logan may be old, though; I doubt he will stay in limbo forever.
  7. Iron Man #219 $9. From 1987. The Ghost makes his first appearance in this issue. Though not quite the same character in the Ant-Man and Wasp movie, the Ghost may see the big screen again one day. If so, this issue may see renewed interest.
  8. Journey Into Mystery #622 $7. 2011. Ikol first shows up in this issue. The rumor was Ikol may be used in the upcoming Loki steaming show. This issue shot up quickly in price when the rumor was first reported, though as often happens, the price promptly dropped. If Ikol does indeed make an appearance in the Loki show, this issue could be in demand again.
  9. JSA #1 $10. From 2007. Cyclone's first appearance. It has been reported that the JSA will be showing up in the upcoming Black Adam film. The question now is which characters from the JSA will be making it to the big screen? Could Cyclone be one of them?

    25 Modern Comics May Increase In Price - Comic Store In Your Future.
    25 Modern Comics May Increase In Price – Comic Store In Your Future.

  10. Justice Society of America #1 $9 from 1992. Jesse Quick's first appearance. A favorite character of mine back in the day. She was like a walking DC Comic history encyclopedia. She even knew who the Young All-Stars were. Yes, I am one of the few who remembers the characters. Jesse Quick has already made it to the small screen by being featured on the T.V. show the Flash. Could she be making the jump to the big screen by being one of the JSA members to be used in the Black Adam movie? If there is a new Justice Society of America comic book, could she be a member of the team?
  11. Legends #1 $12 from 1986. The Suicide Squad is coming back to the big screen. The "Wall" herself, Amanda Waller, makes her first appearance in this issue. Will she be as cool as in the upcoming movie as she was in the comics? Time will tell. Also, in my humble opinion, Brimstone, one of the coolest looking comic villains, ever makes his first appearance in this issue.
  12. Legends #3 $11 from 1986. Amanda Waller puts together her Suicide Squad, who does battle with Brimstone, and the team lives up to their name.
  13. Marvel Premiere #57 $10 from 1980. Doctor Who's first appearance in a Marvel Comic. Doctor Who has been around for a long time and has a big following. The issue even exclaims 1st American Comicbook Appearance! Could America comic fans take notice of this decades-old comic?
  14. New Mutants #9 $15 the first appearance of Selene from 1983. The New Mutants movie has had a wild ride and is currently supposed to come out in August. After so many delays, I am hoping the film does well. I would love to see the many characters from the first New Mutants run on the big screen if we were lucky enough to get future New Mutant movies. That might be a long shot though with the New Mutants movie originally due out in 2018. That said, Selene is the Black Witch of the Hellfire Club and has long been a foe of the X Men.
  15. New Mutants #16 $10 from 1984. First appearance of Warpath brother to the original Thunderbird. Poor Thunderbird, one of the few characters to die and actually stay dead in comics. The X Men pretty much never give him a second thought along with a lot of the fans. That said, Warpath was on one of the many versions of X Force. There could be a future for this character. The question is, when?
  16. New Titans Annual #2 $15 from 1993. The first appearance of Adrian Chase who would become the Vigilante and first appearance of Lyla, who would later become Harbinger in the Crisis of Infinite Earths limited series. Adrian Chase would even go on to be featured in a fifty issue run of his own Vigilante run. Both of the characters would also join Thunderbird as one of the few comic book heroes to die and stay dead though both characters would go on to be used on T.V.
  17. Point One #1 $10 from 2011 is the first appearance of Sam Alexander, who becomes Nova. A kid, Nova? 'Nuff said.
  18. Spawn #9 $10 from 1993 is the first appearance of Angela. Though she first appears in an Image comic, Marvel would go on to buy her from Neil Gaiman, where Marvel would then announce her as Thor's sister. Back in 2013, Mile High was selling Spawn 9 for $70. Marvel keeps trying to use the character in recent years. The question is, will the character catch on?
  19. Superboy #9 $15 from 1994. First appearance of King Shark who is due to be in the big screen Suicide Squad movie. This issue was hot though it has cooled off a lot. When the Suicide Squad movie comes out, will that get people excited about King Shark?
  20. Teen Titans #20 $4 from 2018. Crush, daughter to Lobo, makes her first appearance in this issue. Will Crush be able to be a long-standing character? Time will tell.
  21. Uncanny X-Men #191 $12 from 1985. First Nimrod. Nirmod is the ultimate Sentinel. A long time foe of the X Men. His first appearance seems almost criminally undervalued. Plus, this issue has Spider-man and a ton of guest stars.
  22. Uncanny X-Men #201 $10 from 1986. Cable's first appearance as baby Nathan Summers. Storm also takes over as the X Men's leader this issue. Cable used to be a super hot character. Will the future be kind enough to see Cable's popularity return?
  23. Uncanny X-Men #244 $35 from 1989 First Jubilee. The flashbacks to the X Men animated T.V. show alone by reading Jubliee's first appearance makes it worth it.
  24. X-Factor 15 $10 from 1987 The first gathering of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. Over the years, various Marvel writers have made their own versions of Apocalypse's Four Horsemen. Even Deadpool was a Horseman of Apocalypse in a future storyline from the Extraordinary X Men title. It is only a matter of time before another writer wants to have a Four Horsemen of Apocalypse storyline.
  25. X-Factor #92 $7. From 1993 is the first appearance of Exodus. This issue also has a hologram cover of Havok. Exodus is currently being featured in the X books and could see his popularity increase.

There you have it. Various back issues that do not cost a fortune. If one buys them, hopefully, they will get a good read out of them if nothing else, and afterward, maybe they will go up in price.

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