Alex De Campi Slates The Comics Industry For Not Being For Kids

Photo by Luigi Novi
Photo by Luigi Novi

Alex De Campi is always a favourite at Bleeding Cool. Not only did I spend a significant amount of time in the noughties in a London pub with her and other ne'erdowells, but she has written for Bleeding Cool with her seminal "how to" guide for digital comics, Uncanny Valley Girl, I've watched her pissing off comic book executive after executive by being right, loved her music videos for being just so clever and resourceful, and have enjoyed seeing her become a lot busier of late with Valentine, No Mercy, Mayday, Archie Vs Predator, Grindhouse, My Little Pony and much more.

And, as ECCC was kicking off, she took to Twitter to hold the North American monthly comics industry account for not making any comics for kids. As in young kids, aged 4-7.  She writes,

And there was discussion… lots of it.

The conversation continues…

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