Animal Warriors Of The Kingdom

Jason Bienvenu writes,

I want my creations to LIVE! (And you should, too)


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Seven years ago I started doodling a bunch of animals while I was bored at work. They eventually started walking around and talking in my head and I decided I had to tell their story. I learned everything I could about making comics. Then I learned most of the stuff I actually needed to know in the process creating my first trade paperback, The Kingdom Vol. 1: Rise of the Ape King.
Kingdom Trade
Today, I'm taking it to a new level. I want to hold those characters in my hands and make them fight like I used to make He-Man and Lion-O take down Shredder and the Foot Clan on my bedroom floor. I want my daughter and kids all over the world to play with characters I created the way I played with characters brought to life by my heroes.
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My friend and writing partner, Brandon Gary, has joined me in starting a toy company, the only one in our home state of Louisiana. We want to bring back the joy and fun from our youth with high-quality products featuring modern articulation and accessories. I'm holding a prototype in my hand now. I know all the details by heart; 18 points of articulation, 4.25(ish) inches tall, sculpted in standard PVC plastic. All of that fades away as I think of how it feels like the toys I used to play ith.
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I'm distracting myself from writing the rest of this article by making two of them fight. (Yes, of course I am making the noises with my mouth!) That is important to me, being able to play with them. I made the packaging the kind you can reseal, so even collectors can take them out and play with them like you are supposed to. When you're battle is over, just put them back in the packaging and they can return safely to the shelf, until they are called upon once again.
We started our Kickstarter to make this dream come true on June 1st and we have until July 10th to reach our goal of $52,000. I'm not-so-secretly hoping we go way past that so I can make a few more body types, bringing a few more of my creatures to life. All of the money is going into the figures, to be honest; having it happen is the real reward for me.

If you want to help make this a reality, please go to our page and pledge a little and get some action figures! You can get any one for as low as $20, your choice! Or one of these sweet shirts for just $19. Or a physical copy of the trade paperback for just $15, digital for just $5! There are a lot of ways you can help us AND get something I worked on for years!

T -shirts2Sweet Shirt, $19
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Thanks for listening and letting your friends know about our project.

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