Archie Comics Trademarks "Bethead" And "Bughead", For Betty/Jughead Romance

"Bethead" is the name given by some Archie Fans to a romantic/sexual relatuionship between Betty and Jughead of the Archie Comics – and TV show Riverdale.

An alternative is "Bughead".

This potential coupling has proved controversial to some, as Jughead has been explicitly portrayed in asexual/aromantic in the Archie Comics and the TV show is, to some, a betrayal of that.

There was equal concern regarding the solicitation text for an upcoming issue of Archie Comics.

But in to maintain such trademarks, Archie Comics will have to publish comics with those names on the cover some point soon. This is the only such portmanteau that Archie has trademarked.

And we will have to take even more panels out of context.


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