Devil's Due Comics Takes Josh Blaylock's Arkworld to Kickstarter

Josh Blaylock, the founder of Devil's Due Comics, is continuing the building trend of indie publishers funding their content on Kickstarter. Having previously used the platform to fund Devil's Due titles such as Squarriors, Mercy Sparx, Plume, and more, Blaylock is back with his "archeopunk" series Arkworld. The second issue was recently announced for a Diamond release, and now Kickstarter backers will have a chance to get versions of the book with different covers by artists including Travis Hymel, Nei Ruffino, and Joel Humberto Herrera.

Josh Blaylock Launches Arkworld Volume Two Kickstarter. Credit: Devil's Due
Josh Blaylock Launches Arkworld Volume Two Kickstarter. Credit: Devil's Due

In the Kickstarter video, writer and creator Josh Blaylock spoke on the series:

"[Arkworld] asks 'what if civilization didn't begin 6,000 or 7,000 years ago, but was simply being reset after global catastrophy?' How did civilization fall? Who is aware of this trut today? This is unlike any story of the distant past you've ever read. Unlike any story of Atlantis or standard tales of ancient astronauts ruling over dynastic Egypt with laser riles and futuristic portals. Arkworld is a fiction epic inspired by converging areas of research that indicate that civilization likely does span much further into the past than we've previously believed."

Readers seem to have connected with the first issue, which recently sold out through Diamond. Blaylock has announced, for both this and his latest Mercy Sparx issue, that his comics will be put out in what he describes as a "prestige format" that treats each single issue as essentially a small volume with a spine and a cardstock cover.

Blaylock continued:

"Also, one of the goals here with this story is […] we're going though these ancient adventures, it's this big sci-fi saga, but I wanted to have elements of Indiana Jones, elements of Stargate. I really wanted to feel like ordinary people have been thrown into this deep state conspiracy and it's a Jason Bourne kind of a vibe."

Arkworld Volume 2 is on Kickstarter now.

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