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Josh Blaylock's Long-running Mercy Sparx Returns on Kickstarter
Mercy Sparx is making a huge return at Devil's Due Comics with two hardcover books that look big enough to ward off a horde of demons. Josh Blaylock, who runs Devil's Due, is Kickstarting a two-book hardcover reprint of the long-running title with a new "megOmnibus." Mercy Sparx Megomnibus covers Credit: Devil's Due Mercy Sparx is an urban[...]
PopCultivator Launches As Crowdfunded Fan-Owned Comic Book Studio
And the executive team have some familiar names. Josh Blaylock, Chief Creative & Executive Officer, and owner/publisher of Devil's Due Comics. Mark Powers, Consulting Editor and former Senior Editor X-Men editor. Shawn DePasquale, Director of Entertainment Development / Story Editor, writer/editor at Image Comics, Arcana Studios, Oni Press, Devil's Due Comics. Alma Silva, Director of Events, Investor Community Management,[...]
Everything Pokémon GO Players Need to Know About Alolan Marowak
Josh Blaylock, the founder of Chicago-based publisher Devil's Due Comics, has been expanding the company's library lately by taking his concepts to Kickstarter Following the successful campaigns for his "archeopunk" title Arkworld that envisions a lost advanced civilization in Earth's distant history as well Mercy Sparx #14, the conclusion to a long-running arc on Devil's[...]
Josh Blaylock's Mercy Sparx Acquired by MGM with Writer Nick Shafir
Mercy Sparx, the flagship title of the Josh Blaylock-run publisher Devil's Due Comics, has been acquired by MGM for a big-screen production The title, which features the eponymous character hunting rogue angels, has been published and written by Blaylock for almost a decade Since her first adventure in 2009, Mercy Sparx has been a staple of[...]
The Encoded #1 Launches in Devil's Due December 2020 Solicitations
Josh Blaylock, Mark Powers and Jethro Morales are creating a new comic book series, The Encoded, a sci-fi thriller about artificial intelligence in the future and humanity's response to it. ENCODED #1 CVR A HESTER OCT201305 (W) Josh Blaylock, Mark Powers (A) Jethro Morales (CA) Phil Hester What if our fears of a tyrannical A.I[...]
Devil's Due Launches Arkworld Volume Two Kickstarter
Josh Blaylock, the founder of Devil's Due Comics, is continuing the building trend of indie publishers funding their content on Kickstarter Having previously used the platform to fund Devil's Due titles such as Squarriors, Mercy Sparx, Plume, and more, Blaylock is back with his "archeopunk" series Arkworld The second issue was recently announced for a Diamond release,[...]
ArkWorld #1 Sells Out As Devil's Due Comics Preps ArkWorld #2
This includes the upcoming Mercy Sparx #14, which continues the company's flagship title about a devil girl hunting rogue angels, as well as creator Josh Blaylock's new title, ArkWorld ArkWorld, which, as Bleeding Cool previously reported, is said to debut a new genre called "Archeopunk," is set to debut its second prestige format issue this November following the[...]
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gets Her Own Superhero Comic by All-Star Creators
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the Representative from New York's 14th Congressional district that nobody can seem to stop talking about, whether it be progressive liberals touting her bold attitude, social media savvy, and Green New Deal, establishment Democrats worriedly trying to dismiss her policy ideas as too radical before their billionaire donors and corporate masters get too[...]
Josh Blaylock Partners With Assemble Media to Bring Mercy Sparx to Hollywood
Assemble Media will partner with Josh Blaylock to develop Mercy Sparx, the character first published in Blaylock and Matt Merhoff's 2008 eponymous comic book series at Devil's Due, for film, television, and digital Assemble, known for financing the 2017 Vince Vaughn film Brawl In Cell Block 99, revealed the news in a press release Thursday. On the heels[...]
What's The Big Stigma About Kickstarter? Josh Blaylock Talks At Phoenix Comicon
Neil Greenaway (of Nerd Team 30) writes for Bleeding Cool – I have heard Josh Blaylock described as one of the hardest working people in comics Between being the publisher of DDP, writing his own comics, managing a merger with 1First Comics, and a breakneck tour schedule, it is surprising that he ever gets a chance[...]
Devil's Due And First Comics Create New Comics Publisher
Deadline reports that Josh Blaylock's Devil's Due Entertainment and Ken Levin's First Comics have merged to form new publisher Devil's Due/1First Comics LLC which they describe as "the first mini-major comics publishing company of its size emphasizing creator-owned work since the establishment of Image in 1991" though I think certain publisher like Oni Press might wish[...]
Things To Do In New York This Week If You Like Comics
Tuesday, June 17th JHU Comics on 32 East 32nd Street in New York will be hosting a signing with Josh Blaylock from 5PM to 8PM They say: "JHU Comic Books is proud to welcome Josh Blaylock (GI Joe, Mercy Sparx, Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl) to our Manhattan location!  As a talented writer and head[...]