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Josh Blaylock's Long-running Mercy Sparx Returns on Kickstarter
Mercy Sparx is making a huge return at Devil's Due Comics with two hardcover books that look big enough to ward off a horde of demons. Josh Blaylock, who runs Devil's Due, is Kickstarting a two-book hardcover reprint of the long-running title with a new "megOmnibus." Mercy Sparx Megomnibus covers Credit: Devil's Due Mercy Sparx is an urban[...]
Everything Pokémon GO Players Need to Know About Alolan Marowak
Josh Blaylock, the founder of Chicago-based publisher Devil's Due Comics, has been expanding the company's library lately by taking his concepts to Kickstarter Following the successful campaigns for his "archeopunk" title Arkworld that envisions a lost advanced civilization in Earth's distant history as well Mercy Sparx #14, the conclusion to a long-running arc on Devil's[...]
Devil's Due Launches Arkworld Volume Two Kickstarter
Josh Blaylock, the founder of Devil's Due Comics, is continuing the building trend of indie publishers funding their content on Kickstarter Having previously used the platform to fund Devil's Due titles such as Squarriors, Mercy Sparx, Plume, and more, Blaylock is back with his "archeopunk" series Arkworld The second issue was recently announced for a Diamond release,[...]
ArkWorld #1 Sells Out As Devil's Due Comics Preps ArkWorld #2
Devil's Due Comics has recently announced that they will be releasing some titles in "a new prestige format" of 48-pages This includes the upcoming Mercy Sparx #14, which continues the company's flagship title about a devil girl hunting rogue angels, as well as creator Josh Blaylock's new title, ArkWorld ArkWorld, which, as Bleeding Cool previously reported, is said[...]
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Chicago Creative studio House of Logic and New York record label and lifestyle brand 36 Chambers have found a publisher for their new comic book project, Samurai in a Hoodie, in Devil's Due Comics The self-published series was originally published at the beginning of 2019, but will now be remastered and continued through Devil's Due. House[...]