Baby It's Cold Outside- Comic Creators React To Falling Temperatures

Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful, And since we've no place to go, let's read comic book creators weather reactions.

I hear that in certain parts of the USA, it has been cold today and yesterday. And I learned this by following comic book creators on social media.

Walter Simonson: Some years back, we had a stretch where we lost power in the house late in the year several times, twice from hurricanes and once from an ice storm. We were out of power for rough 11 – 13 days, so that the house got pretty cool. Not enough to burst pipes, but enough to send us during the days to hang out at the local shopping malls or libraries. And we were using a lot of blankets at right. Consequently, we finally bit the bullet and had a generator installed that can power the house. Last night, in the midst of the bitter cold, our power went out about 9 or 10pm. It took about 30 seconds for the generator to connect to the house and then everything went back to normal. it was just long enough that I had gone and found a flashlight, wondering if we were going to be in real trouble. But it was all good. The outage only lasted 15-30 minutes so I've no idea what happened or how it was remedied, but I'm sure glad we had backup and I sure glad the power was restored so quickly.

Larry Young: My boy Doug in Wormtown walked 10 minutes to Dunkin this morning to find they weren't serving hot coffee BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T.
It froze in a couple minutes outside so they just switched to ice drinks telling people it's still warmer than outside.

Stephen Bissette: NOT FUN STUFF: No idea how cold it is; went out to walk pre-dawn & my balls (now in my lungs) may drop back into place next week.

Hub Comics: Due to the extreme cold, Hub will be opening at noon tomorrow, Saturday, February 4th. Stay warm, everyone!

It's Cold

Charles Soule: I finished a big piece of writing yesterday, and it's cold as heck outside and I have a going so I feel disinclined to do much that would require doing things.

Francesco Francavilla: I was today old when I found out about Frost Quakes (cryoseism). This is how freaking cold is in US today…

Scott Snyder: Why do 11 year old boys refuse to wear coats in winter

Francesco Francavilla: The other night I was taking out trash and there was this neighbor teenage kid with shorts and a tshirt walking the dog in freezing temperature. It's what they do

Pure Folly Books: Don't let the cold scare you! Here til 6 tonight with plenty of great comics!

Ani-Mia: Trying to look hot in 45 degree weather

Ron Marz: It's 6 degrees out, with windchill of -25. The last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym. So I went to the gym.

Blake Northcott: Now you're shaming/inspiring me into going, too (and yes we have the same weather here!)

Christopher Golden: Just saw the with wind chill factor it's gonna be -37 Saturday morning here. I write about weather like this. I don't want to live it!

Archie Comics: UPDATE: It's still really cold! We recommend staying inside…with a stack of Archie comics, obvs.

It's Cold


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