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It's Cold
It's what they do Pure Folly Books: Don't let the cold scare you! Here til 6 tonight with plenty of great comics! Ani-Mia: Trying to look hot in 45 degree weather Ron Marz: It's 6 degrees out, with windchill of -25 The last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym So I went to the[...]
Comic Creators Start To Melt As UK Heads To Highest Temperature Ever
UK houses are not built for any weather above or below exactly 15C Chloe Green: Nothing in the UK is ready for anything other than middle ground weather As soon as it's cold trains stop running, when its hot trains stop running… if it snows roads close, if its hot roads melt We're incapable of anything. Kieron[...]
More Diamond Comics Delays To Comic Shops This Week
There have been a lot of delays to comic book deliveries of late, with current weather issues hitting all manner of aspects of the industry Both Diamond Comic Distributors and Lunar Distribution have faced delays to comic book stores and we now have the latest. Last week, Bleeding Cool reported that "Diamond Comic Distributor's Olive Branch[...]
US Weather And Power Outs Will Delay Comics For Months To Come
Right now, even as Diamond Comic Distributors closes one warehouse in New Memphis, it is reporting weather-related delays out of its Olive Branch distribution centre, the very one intended to replace New Memphis. Diamond tells retailers that "transportation partners including UPS, FedEx and our LTL carriers have informed Diamond there will be no pick-ups or deliveries[...]
Grand Rapids Weatherman Goes on Viral Rant
It's also the fate of meteorologist when the weather turns bad At least that's the opinion of one Garry Frank of FOX's WXMI as he gets tired of hearing his co-workers grumble when he does the weather report, but they expect him to be chipper and happy while doing it. Frank, no relation to comic artist[...]
Weather Closes Diamond Comic Distributors
Baltimore is expecting six inches of snow today, as the winter weather reaches new peaks in the season. THe National Weather Service projects up to 10 inches of snow in some areas by Thursday evening — though the storm might also fall well short of those projections (National Weather Service image) Rain is forecast to turn to[...]
Comics Industry Reacts To… The Weather
Weather Hitting the East Coast Maybe not as much as has been predicted but there's all to play for And in comcis, ComiXology must be rubbing teir hands togeter Here's how it's looking, from last night…. Maaaan, right now Juno seams like a real lightweight! Can the weather peeps be THIS WRONG?! — Grace Randolph (@GraceRandolph) January[...]
East Cost Comic Stores May Get Late Comics This Week
Some comic stores on the East Coast of the USA being served out of the Plattsburgh distribution centre may be experiencing a little delay with their comics this week, due to snowy weather issues in the area. Which means that instead of receiving comics on Tuesday for sale on Wednesday, they may not receive them until[...]