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British Comics Folk React To What On Earth Is Happening In UK Politics
Here's how a few British comic book creators are reacting as the news played out. Tony Lee: Okay Parliament, we're coming back from our four-day break today, so you'd better not have done anything stupid while we've been gone… Simon Spurrier: Braverman "accidentally" sending an email from the wrong account so she could resign without appearing disloyal[...]
Auto Draft
Two days ago, Bleeding Cool ran a reaction post to what was happening to the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson MP, and tried to explain what was going on Yesterday Kieron Gillen explained it even more succinctly And now it has been announced that Boris Johnson will be resigning as[...]
Comic Folk React To The Death Of Prince Philip
America is mostly asleep – when they wake, the reaction is likely to be insane So British comic book creators decided to try and preempt that by setting the tone early Here are a few examples from social media from the last hour. Prince Philip in Steve Bell's If, from the Guardian newspaper Joe Glass: I literally[...]