When Beer And Comics Join Forces At C2E2

By now everyone is aware that I love beer and comics. So whenever I find a brewery that celebrates the two, my beer senses go haywire. Revolution Brewing Company, based out of Chicago Illinois, is one such place. I got to talk to Steve Nichols from the brewery, who was proud to share a brief run down of the companies love of beer and comics.


It all started in 2010 when Josh Deth introduced Revolution Brewery to the world. He had thought of the idea while worked at Goose Island years prior, but all good things take time. They are now the largest brewery in the state, and their beer is being sold in 6 different states across the U.S, which is no small feat for an independent brewery. Their first beer, the Anti-Hero, became their flagship IPA. I had a chance to try Anti-Hero, and was pleasantly taken back by how crisp is was. It has a clean bitterness to it, meaning it's not terrible overpowering. It is aromatic, so if you're a fan of Blue Moon this is the IPA for you. After Anti-Hero they started to develop other comic inspired beers, such as Galaxy Hero, Citra Hero, and more. There's even a comic for Galaxy Hero out!


Steve attributes their success to the basic idea of having fun with beer. I can tell you from watching their lines yesterday that this brewery is a hit with C2E2 goers, and it wouldn't shock me if they ran out of a few beers over the weekend. If you're able to try any of Revolution Brewery's beers, do it. You won't be let down. You can learn more about their extensive line of beers at their website.


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