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An Editorial In Favor Of Masking and Vaccination Requirements At C2E2
On April 25th, ReedPop's VP of Events Kristina Rogers emailed a Health and Safety Update regarding the masks and proof of vaccination requirement at C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) 2022, writing: I wanted to let you know that we are going to align with Chicagoland's current Health & Safety regulations for C2E2 this August[...]
Chris Arrant Hired As Editor-In-Chief For ReedPOP
And no, I didn't know ReedPOP, owners of C2E2, ECCC, MCM, NYCC and many more shows, needed an editor-in-chief But that speaks as to their upcoming plans. As editor-in-chief, Arrant will take the lead on editorial projects across the ReedPop portfolio of events to create content and new digital experiences for fans at home.  He is also[...]
Official: Artgerm's Punchline Cover Switches From #94 to #92
I attended C2E2, my first convention of the year, and signed comics for Punchline cosplayers I remember when the editor in chief of DC walked up to me after a panel and told me the sales on the upcoming Batman #92, bolstered by the Artgerm Variant cover featuring Punchline, and gave me a hug That[...]
Masks, Shots & Tests Needed For NYCC, ECCC, Florida, C2E2 Comic Con
ReedPop has today announced updated health and safety protocols that will be implemented at upcoming 2021 events, including New York Comic Con (NYCC), Florida Supercon, Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) and Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) They state that "at all ReedPop events, the health and safety of attendees is the team's top priority[...]
New York Comic Con 2020 Cancelled - I Know You Thought It Already Was
There is also digital content being made available, and it also covers shows such as C2E2, ECCC, and MCM Comic Con, but the headline is all about paying to get early ticket access to NYCC It is Reed's most oversubscribed show – especially in a time of returning comic cons after 18 months without and[...]
DC Comics Confirms DC Fandome Online Event For 2021
And it also replaced DC Comics having a big presence in any of the online comic conventions organised by Reed POP Expo or Comic-Con International. DC Comics Confirms DC Fandome Online Event For 16th October 2021 The presumption is that this will be the same for 2021, even as big comic book conventions like C2E2, San Diego,[...]
ECCC Offers Ticket Refunds in Wake of Coronavirus Pullouts
C2E2 took place in subdued circumstances this year, the last of the big comic book conventions to run before shutdown In retrospect it should probably have been cancelled or delayed, as ECCC was a few weeks later But what of 2021? Vaccines are on their way, but shutdowns, social distancing and the curtailing of big[...]
Jim Lee - Not "Ageing Up Characters or Shuffling Them Off" For 5G
While sketching on panel at C2E2 last weekend, DC Publisher Jim Lee asked the crowd 'heard any good rumours lately?' He was initially talking about rumours launched after the departure from DC of publisher Dan DiDio by the likes of Ethan Van Sciver, that AT&T was planning to shutter DC Comics publishing if their upcoming Bleeding[...]
Do Wolverine Toys Have Two Dicks – A Bleeding Cool Investigation
I thought I'd show up at C2E2, lob some softball questions at creators, eat an Italian Beef or five, haunt Artist Alley til I got all the things signed I brought, then head back home again the way I came to Chicago, a stranger to the world of multiple-dicked Canadian superheroes. Clearly, I thought wrong. The weekend[...]
A Brief Conversation with C.B. Cebulski
He had brought the magazine (yes kids, there used to be print magazines that contained previews of upcoming comics as well as reviews of past comics and interviews with creators – they were truly wondrous things that have long since passed from this world) to C2E2 to get signed by Claremont and artist Bob McLeod. Although[...]