Ben Templesmith Launches… HP Lovecraft's Dagon (UPDATE)

UPDATE: And here it is!

Ben Templesmith has told recipients of his mailing list about his next project. Dagon. Adapting the story by HP Lovecraft.

DAGON is the first Lovecraft story I ever read. It's also one of his earlier ones, is public domain, deals with things dear to my squidly heart… and is just oozing in mood and fear… so I figured I'd turn the visuals it gives me in to a deluxe graphic novella. I finally get to handle some of the unspeakable horrors of Lovecraft, especially because it's the 125th anniversary of his birth. All the prose will be there, adapted into a comic, where I get to control the pacing and I'm going to go full tilt into the nightmare dreams the story's narrator has. I can't wait.

So, hope you'll all dig it and starting tomorrow, on kickstarter it'll be available for a month, along with extra things never again offered, just for the 44FLOOD version of the book!

We'll be there, Ben…



You can sign up to Templesmith's mailing list right here.


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