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A Binge Read Catch Up On Image's Goners #1-4

Goners_1_RGBAfter binge reading the last four issues of this series, it's mind boggling to me how I overlooked it in the first place. From Image Comics, Goners, written by Jacob Semahn, with art by Jorge Corona is a historical fantasy mystery about the Latimer family. From the colonization of Roanoke to the fall of the Berlin Wall, they have been defeating paranormal beings. Years later, Raleigh Latimer and his wife, Evelyn Latimer have turned it into a modern day reality TV show. While it resulted in a successful career for their family, things aren't so glamorous. After their children Josiah and Zoe witness them being murdered live on TV, things become extremely complicated. Without the protection of their parents, the siblings are forced to take matters into their own hands.

Explosive and heart pounding, Goners will leave you at the edge of your seat as you read. Even though they have help from other people here and there, the story very much focuses on Josiah and Zoe's dealings with these demons and the mysteries that they unlock and they discover things about their parents past. I found the two characters to have a normal sibling type way of interacting with one another, which can be entertaining at times. Although, I will say that there were many moments that I sympathized way more with Josiah's character. Besides, the siblings, I really enjoyed Frank's character and how protective he is over the two of them. As the issues progress he becomes more of a central character and contributes to a lot of intense fighting scenes, some of which can be a tad graphic. Throughout the issues we get comparisons to events that happened in Latimer's history, some of which appear to be very similar to what's happening in present day. As a reader, it makes me wonder if the theme of the story connects to the familiar history repeats itself concept.

Overall, I found Semahn's script to be very entertaining. Out of the four issues I've read, the story flowed perfectly. It's clear that he has developed the history of the Latimer family beyond what we get to see as readers, which resulted in a very thorough story. Corona's art compliments the story with a spectacular cartoon-like style, and some terrifying demons to enhance it all. Goners truly doesn't have a dull moment. Just when I would get to a point where I felt that I could predict things, Semahn added a twist leaving me surprised and delighted. I highly recommend picking up this series if you haven't already! Join me and do your own binge read catch up before Goners #5 hits stores on February 18th!

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