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The Retro 90s Style We Loved In Pokemon TCG Is Back!

After a week like this one, it's nice to spend a good chunk of time diving into things that you love. For my boyfriend and I, that means playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game (Pokemon TCG) for hours. Pokemon International + Cassandra Reynoso = two very happy Pokemon TCG addicted players. Over the past month she has been […]

"SCOTT SNYDER LIKES MY BOOK!" The Image Comics Storytelling Panel NYCC 16'

Being a huge fan of Image Comics, I was so excited to sit in on the Image Comics Storytelling panel, with the focus on storytelling in comics and all that comes with it. The panel featured: Gabriel Hardman, for his comic Invisible Republic, Declan Shalvey for Injection, Scott Snyder for AD and Wytches, Karen Berger […]

An Early Christmas Present For All! The Fuller House Season 2 Premiere Date Is Here

The day has finally come! The Fuller House Season 2 release date has been announced. I've been sitting on the edge of my seat since the show's Twitter account did this: Yesterday, Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure who plays DJ shared this photo on her Instagram.   After far too much anticipation, the release date is… DECEMBER 9th! […]

Class Is In Session: Why Gotham Academy: Second Semester Is Going To Be Great

I'm so thrilled that Gotham Academy is back! Though we've had other comics to enjoy with these beloved characters such as Gotham Academy / Lumberjanes and Gotham Academy Annual, it was about time we get back to normal. From DC Comics, written by the original Gotham Academy trio, Brenden Fletcher, Becky Cloonan, and Karl Kershl, with art by Adam Archer and […]

A Well-Rounded, Thrilling Comic: Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey #2

I must start this review by stating proudly that Batgirl and the Birds of Prey is my new favorite Batgirl comic. Out of all the different storylines we've encountered since New 52, this is one that I am 100% on board with. This is the Barbara Gordon I know and love. This week brings the […]

When Dreams Come True: Advance Review Of Jonesy #6

…and the Jonesy issues just keep getting better and better. It seems like only yesterday that I was falling under her spell with the first issue. This bright and colorful comic has a way of bringing a smile to my face no matter what mood I'm in. This week brings the release of Jonesy #6, from BOOM! Box written by Sam […]

once upon a time

The Real Savior Is Coming Back In Once Upon A Time Season 6

We've arrived at Once Upon a Time month folks! Is anyone else eager to see how things turn out for the Evil Queen? I know I am. However, what about the other characters? Some comforting news came today for fans of Emma Swan. The former savior, turned dark one, turned savior again has a new storyline ahead […]

Three Reasons Why You Should Read Lumberjanes To The Max Edition Vol. 2 HC

Lumberjanes…the most important comic to be released within the past few years. Well, it's definitely one of the most important to me and a lot of other people. From BOOM! Studios imprint BOOM! Box, written by Noelle Stevenson, Shannon Watters, and Faith Erin Hicks, with art by Carolyn Nowak, Brooke Allen, and other various talents, […]

A Wild Snorlax Appears! New Pokemon Sun And Moon Content Revealed

It's finally Fall, and that means it's finally the season that Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released. Sure, we have to wait until November 18th, but it's not THAT far away now. I'm really excited about the content that was revealed this week concerning Snorlax. Take a look: Pretty cool, huh? Here's a bit more information: […]

Back To School! Thoughts On Gotham Academy Annual #1

Gotham Academy is back and it's so good to see the whole gang on the page again. From DC Comics, Gotham Academy Annual #1, written by Brenden Fletcher and Becky Cloonan, with art by Michael Dialynas, is a rollercoaster of an issue. It comes to us before the start of Gotham Academy: Second Semester, and you won't believe what happens. Here's […]

A Reunited Family's Next Adventure! Saga #37 Begins The War For Phang: Part One

It's always a good feeling when we know that Saga's Summer hiatus is over. Yes, the action packed surprising comic is back this week with issue #37, from Image Comics, written by Brian K. Vaughan, with art by Fiona Staples. This new story arc is entitled The War for Phang: Part One, and is a self contained event that […]

Regina, Zelena, Belle & Hook! Once Upon A New Set Of POP! Vinyls

With the new season fast approaching Funko has announced a new set of Once Upon a Time POP! Vinyls. This is the second series that the TV show will have out, but these are way cooler than the others! Funko has been steadily increasing the design quality of their POP!s since day one, and now they are […]

These Beauty And The Beast Live Action Photos Will Make You Smile

The trailer blew up on the internet a few months ago. Given nothing but some scenery, an enchanted rose, and a "hello?" we were all drooling over the live action Beauty and the Beast teaser trailer. Now Disney has released three photos from the film for us to enjoy. They may not be incredibly telling, but you can […]

New Kids On The Block, Mr. Woodchuck, & More Behind The Scenes At Fuller House

The cast of Fuller House is almost at the end of wrapping up filming for their second season, but what has come with that is an array of really exciting behind the scenes photos. Remember when Jodie Sweetin was talking about special appearances on set? Well, it looks like one of those special appearances is going to […]

A Page-Turning Experience: Thoughts On Clean Room #11

Hold onto your bed sheets! This week brings a new issue of Clean Room, from Vertigo, written by Gail Simone, with art by Jon-Davis Hunt. I can't believe we're already at issue 11, but what a ride it has been. I don't know if this comic can really get any better. I have been terrified […]