Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – Avengers Vs Harley Quinn


This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keeness you bring to your passion.

It was a fight for the top this week as Avengers and Harley Quinn duked it out, though Harley Quinn was just pipped by the Infinity tie-in. The Wake has also been increasing in prominence in these lists andSex Criminals also performed well for a mature readers second issue.

  1. Avengers #23
  2. Harley Quinn #0
  3. Uncanny X-Men #14
  4. Superior Spider-Man Annual #1
  5. The Wake #5
  6. Batman & Two-Face #25
  7. X-Men #7
  8. Wonder Woman #25
  9. Daredevil #33
  10. Sex Criminals #2

And a few of our retailer's experiences this week;

Solid week for books, but Harley Quinn was the winner thanks to $2.99 cover price so people picked up the regular and the blank.

Batman, Batman and then more Batman for the back-issue market. Having trouble keeping up on the demand for the new 52. I also expect higher sales in the higher price issues in the weeks to come due to the Christmas season.

Thought Harley Quinn #0 would be #1. Still coming in at #2 ain't bad and everyone that's buying it seems to be enjoying it.

busy yesterday with our Annual Winter SALE – always so happy to see people buying comics they love, showing up with CHECKLISTS filling in the gaps in their collection (since it's all 50% off).
People picking up Bruce Jones TWISTED TALES, silver age issues of METAL MEN, comics that are completely speculator free. Talking about the great finds they got, etc. Really encouraged me that it's not the 90s all over again…
then I printed out new website orders this morning and saw someone picking up SLEEPER #1 $3.00 and was thrilled to see it. Love that series, I'm always trying to hand sell it and I can never get myself to toss them in the 50 cent bin even though they almost never move – in fact the last time someone ordered #1 was in 2007 (sigh). Still – someone got interested right?

No. I just caught up on my BLEEDING COOL news to see that it's active as a film option again. Not someone that will enjoy the book – just a speculator looking to turn what he hopes will be a HOT property… sigh… discouraged again…

Afterlife with Archie drew it's fans right back in. Not just a fluke but a book that people are truly behind.
Harley Quinn sales were no surprise thanks to the ever popular character and all the controversy.
Doctor Who Prisoners of Time came to end, much to the DW fans dismay. IDW has brought in regular readers, from a non-comic collecting crowd. Sad to see it coming to a finale soon.
Samurai Jack continues to sell stronger than expected!

Been seeing a ton of people coming in for Jeff Lemires Green Arrow run. Not sure if it's because the Zero Year tie-in book hooked them, word of mouth about how good the book is, or the success of the Arrow television show, but they have definitely been buying up the entire run like crazy.

After Life with Archie #1 1st prints continue to sell. The best selling one being the Betty in her nighty. Issue #1 first and second printings continued to sell as well as the Life With After #23 that features the first Afterlife Cover.

Slow foot traffic this week due to inclement weather hurt sales of new releases, but Wake #5, Wolverine Max #10 and Batwoman #25 all sold out. We still have a few copies of Afterlife With Archie #2 left and too many copies of Harley Quinn #0, Batman And Two Face #55 and Avengers #23.

Nice to see Afterlife With Archie pick up some steam in our store. Customers were excited about Harley Quinn #0. Early reports from people who picked it up are all positive.

Harley just dominated this week.  In fact it overshadowed everything else that came out. However, Wake was the surprise for us as it hit our #2 spot for the week. Marvel trickled down the top ten list as top publishers for the week.

Marvel ruled the roost in what was otherwise a slow periodical week. Holiday shopping did have an uptick this week with Dr. Who and Game of Thrones merchandise seemingly being of the highest interest.

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