Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 11th September 2016 – No More Marvel


This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

A weak week for Marvel sees them trashed in the top ten again as DC Comics takes 9 and the Walking Dead takes 1. Green Arrow has to be seen as one of the biggest DC Rebirth successes, with the old creative team just given a lick of paint. And Aquaman beats out everything Marvel has to offer…

  • 1. Batman #6
  • 2. Superman #6
  • 3. Justice League #4
  • 4. Nightwing #4
  • 5. Green Arrow #6
  • 6. Cyborg: Rebirth #1
  • 7. Walking Dead #158
  • 8. Supergirl #1
  • 9. Aquaman #6
  • 10. Harley Quinn #3

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Who had this to say,

A much stronger Wednesday than the previous week – lots of good books for people to choose from.

While DC trades kill it – MARVEL back issues always seem to be the ones I need to restock the most. Boxes are getting TOO loose as everyone still wants to pick up MARVEL back issues.

Rebirth Domination is back after taking a week off. Eight of our top ten sellers was a rebirth title with only Doctor Strange and Walking Dead giving them a run for their money! Still not every rebirth title is a hit Supergirl didn't even break the top twenty at our store.

Nine Rebirth books, nine DC books in our store's top ten. The tenth place book? Walking Dead #158, helped in part by two covers (a few two-copy purchases helped it to nose out Star Wars: Poe Dameron by three copies sold). So even in a week with a pretty solid Marvel line, the company can't generate enough reader interest to even crack our top ten. Marvel needs a plan to restore quality and rebuild reader interest–and Monsters Unlimited isn't going to do it…

Low-priced 1980s DCs have been moving pretty steadily this week.

Not a bad week for comics and yet not a great week…it just was. Batman was on top of the list so i guess everything is fine in the the world.

Venom and X-23 were sought after on the back issue front.Their own books and any other issues they popped up in through out the Marvel Universe.

Wednesday was great. Usually there is a drop in sales thanks to September being the first full month of everyone back to school unless it is a 3D variant month. The various Rebith titles amazingly all held their high sales. I under ordered thinking we would lose some readers going back to school. Sadly we sold out of Aquaman, Batman, Green Arrow, Justice League, and Superman on Wednesday or sales would have even been hirer. Marvel though is still sinking faster than I am cutting orders. Daredevil did well. Doctor Strange which I thought would do well since it has a movie coming out did not. The Civil War spin offs are dead weight now.

More surprises with Valiant back issues. The Ninjka announcement of him hitting the really small screen most likely helped. Sold a Golden Age Batman 24 this week. That was a good sale.

Another Top Ten without a Marvel book (Moon Knight was our highest Marvel seller at 11, so close), but on month 4, Rebirth is still kicking ass in our store. Cyborg Rebirth has sold slightly better than expected and it's off to an interesting start. Outside of Batman, Justice League and Superman taking our top spots, Walking Dead and Paper Girls were right behind, and will be our actual bestsellersfor the month (along with Saga). Not a lot of customers are signing up for most of the Marvel Now stuff, so we're not ordering crazy numbers on most of those. I had a few people add Champions, but like Civil War, we're seeing a lot of price resistance on $4.99 first issues. And if they're not buying issue 1, they're not buying the following issues. Sort out your short term money grabs, Marvel. All of my Top Ten books this week (and most weeks recently) are $2.99 titles.

We're still moving lots of Walking Dead back issues, tons of Rebirth to new people, and a decent amount of older Spider-Man back issues. Even selling some early New 52 Justice League and Batman to several customers in the last few weeks. September is our slowest month traditionally, so even though sales are still solid, we are seeing a lot of price resistance on higher priced new comics. Also, it's an election year, and I almost forgot how much we feel the crunch around that time as some people get a little more conservative with their "fun money" the few months before a big election. Hopefully this year bucks that trend, but we'll see what happens.

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