Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 20th November 2016 – Rebirth And Reborn


This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

Not only do DC Comics get the top four, but Reborn #2 from Mark Millar and Greg Capullo outdoes all the Marvel titles as well.

  • 1. Batman #11
  • 2. Superman #11
  • 3. Trinity #3
  • 4. Justice League #9
  • 5. Reborn #2
  • 6. Amazing Spider-Man #21
  • 7. Suicide Squad #6
  • 8. Nightwing #9
  • 9. Black Panther #8
  • 10. Thanos #1

Thanks to the following retailers

Dr. No's Comics & Games Superstore of Marietta, Georgia
G-Mart Comic Books– Champaign, IL
Graham Crackers Comics – 11 locations in the Mid-West
Yesteryear Comics of San Diego, California
Rodman Comics of Ankeny, Iowa
Yesteryear Comics of San Diego, California

And here's what they had to say,

The Mad Titan takes the top spot with a little help from Jeff Lemire and his rabid fan base. Batman came close, but unfortunately the whole Monster Men story had a lot of customer fall off.

Sold a ton of Chew back issues this week with a sprinkle of X-Men titles around the board. Marvel had better not screw up in Feb/Mar when they put out the new mutant books since people seem pretty jazzed with the great news about resurrection.

Best week of the month so far. Old Man Logan is seeing an uptick in sales thanks to the Logan trailer. Reborn did really well. Thanos didn't do bad but not nearly what I thought it would. DC still does great with their Rebirth titles.

Ok sales, hoping for more but being in a college town a lot of people leave early ahead of the Thanksgiving break. Marvel takes more spots on the list this week. 5 to DC's 4. Image only managed one, Reborn, our #7 seller of the week. Moonshine and Kill or be Killed just barely missed making the cut.
Superman is #3 this week. Shelf sales are nearly double pre-Rebirth numbers. Green Lanterns this week was outsold by Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Jessica Jones, Moonshine, Invincible and Archie.
Batman is an unstoppable selling machine. Its sales at #1 were 35% higher than our #2 book, Justice League.

Never thought I'd see the day Black Panther out sells Amazing Spider-Man (both had near identical sales of Superman #11.) The tactic of making ASM the background book has left a lot of our readers pretty annoyed. Infamous Iron Man sales dropped dramatically from issue #1 but were still enough for #8 seller. Reader annoyance again at two Iron Man books with no Tony Stark and an "event" book so late and rewritten we don't even know what happened to him.

DC took nine of this week's top ten slots in our store, while Image's Reborn took the tenth spot. Marvel did take #11, 12, 14, & 15 slots in our store, but even high-profile Marvel titles like Infamous Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Amazing Spider-Man, and Old Man Logan couldn't stop the DC Rebirth juggernaut. When Aquaman is outselling Spider-Man, DC is doing something very right… and Marvel is doing something very wrong.

Strong interest in back issues of Nightwing and Robin this week. Also a solid week for Silver Age Marvels–Avengers, Thor, and Silver Surfer in particular.

Not a terribly busy Wednesday – but plenty of quality books for customers to choose from.
Thought I ordered enough Reborn #2 to last us 6 months (ordered even higher than #1), but issue 2 was even better than the first and it looks like everyone is jumping on this book!

Always getting requests for HIGH GRADE and REALLY LOW GRADE key books. Can never get enough and people don't understand why they're priced over guide value when do get them (can't replace them – it's how books go up in value folks – if everyone stuck strictly to the guide price, the price would never increase or decrease).

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