Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 4th September 2016 – Marvel Returns To The Chart

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This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

And although Marvel returns to the chart with aplomb as DC Rebirth takes a week off, they still only place four comics, not that only one Civil War crossover makes the top ten, with Guardians Of The Galaxy, both Saga and Afterlife With Archie make it in, and Future Quest makes a surprise appearance…

1. Amazing Spider-Man #17
2. Star Wars Han Solo #3
3. Justice League of America #9
4. Saga #37
5. Suicide Squad War Crimes Special #1
6. Spider-Man #7
7. All New Wolverine Annual #1
8. Guardians Of The Galaxy #11
9. Future Quest #4
10. Afterlife With Archie #19

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Who had this to say

The customers all chanted
'Make Mine Marvel!' (when there are no DC Comics to buy)

The unofficial last week of summer was a mix bag for the top ten mainly due to no official Rebirth comics this week (sorry DC I am not going to call what you tried to do with that Suicide Squad one-shot an official Rebirth title, nice try). Almost every publisher had a book on our top ten (including a 2 month old Black Hammer #1 a book that is so easy to recommend) with Han taking the top spot. It was good to see this variety however I am sure we will go back to DC domination next week.

Really light skip week with no real Rebirth titles, but it's our absolute bestselling book in issues and TPBs, Saga 37 that's our top book this week. Despite the long wait between issues, JLA 9 still did well, although people were confused why it had BvS cover that was supposed to be out in March. Afterlife With Archie is always a pleasant surprise and I'm glad it's back to semi-regular shipping after a crazy long hiatus. Civil War tie-ins are still barely moving the needle and sometimes only selling one or two extra copies above the previous non CW issues. Ouch.

Still seeing lots of movement on Rebirth runs being picked up. Sold a few more Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Titans runs just in the last few days. Mostly readers passing on our finally (after 3 months) marked up to $6 Rebirth issue or first issue first prints and going for the cover price reprints instead. While we still have over 90% of the line at cover price, as long as there are reprints available, it shows that it's a readers market and not just collectors sitting on these.

Still moving a few older Walking Dead issues every week and still getting new people reading Preacher and Saga every week as well. We just marked down a ton of variants (6 boxes) to mostly $5 each, some are even 1:50 or similar, but we just want to clear them out. Sold a few dozen already this week at that price. Too many variants means that they're not special anymore, so we're happy to just clear them out no matter what the supposed value is.
Nice eclectic mix. Skip week I suppose.

5th week Wednesday makes for an interesting week. Good sales. Marvel takes most of the top ten this week. Suicide Squad War Crimes blew out the door surprising me.

Valiant back issues were very popular this week. Which is great.

With only one "sort of" Rebirth book (a book that was not even solicited as carrying the Rebirth trade dress), DC still took five of the top ten places in our shop this week. The success of Rebirth has lifted the reputation of all DC's apparently! Marvel took number one in our store with Han Solo, but could only place two other titles in our store's top ten.

Strong sales on backlist issues of Rebirth books–fans who couldn't find new issue of their favorite Rebirth titles decided to branch out and sample some of the books they had skipped previously.

TMNT Universe was on top this week with little competition from anyone else. Still not a bad week considering that DC only hand a handful of titles that came out.

Batman New 52 sold in droves as huge chunks of the run was picked up. The quest to replace the early issue begin once more.

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