Bleeding Cool Magazine, The Retailer's Friend!

That's our hope anyway.

Anyone who orders 20 copies for their store will gain automatic entry into the Bleeding Cool Magazine retailer list, both in the magazine and online. The former is good reference for people travelling to new towns and cities, the latter is handy if people are using the website to find copies of the magazine or what not.

I say it's automatic, but is you could let Jim Kuhoric of Bleeding Cool Magazine know your intentions as well, that may avoid any of the difficulties with issue 1 where certain bits of information did not flow quite as readily as they might have…

The zero issue was a good way to try the magazine out, see what worked and what didn't, and overall reception seemed to be pretty good. What criticism there was, we've learnt from. The things that were liked were expanded upon, and those that weren't have been shut down. We've got a massive Alan Moore interview, and an even more massive Top 100 Most Powerful People In Comics article that may have some fun features attached to it.

I will also be running the Life In The Gutter, featuring some of the most outrageous Blind Items I have encounted over the last few months. Seriously, they could bring down the industry…

Bleeding Cool Magazine #0 was Diamond's best selling magazine in June, it had around 26,000 total copies ordered with a large enough overprint that saw Avatar able to keep selling it through convention season and to fill all the reorders that came in.

Issue 1 is three times the size for $4.99. It is aimed to fill the hole that Wizard Magazine left for distributor, retailer and reader alike. I'll hope you'll help us acheive that.

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Head writer and founder of Bleeding Cool. The longest-serving digital news reporter in the world. Living in London, father of two. Political cartoonist.

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