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Talking ReAnimator Board Game And H.P. Lovecraft With Jim Kuhoric
And I remembered that one of our Bleeding Cool alum, Jim Kuhoric, worked on that series, writing the zero issue I reached out to Jim to ask him about seeing something he worked on being turned into a game and some about his love for Lovecraft. DAN WICKLINE: How does it feel to see a series[...]
Jim Kuhoric Prepares For Halloween With Army Of Darkness
Jim Kuhoric writes for Bleeding Cool: Army of Darkness may be the perfect movie, at least in my humble somewhat twisted horror-centric brain.  It is the culmination of all the little things that came together to make the work of Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell so iconic over the course of the Evil Dead trilogy.  And much like A Nightmare on Elm[...]
Artist Spotlight – Juan Antonio Ramirez Of Dynamite's Six Million Dollar Man
Our own Jim Kuhoric is the writer on the new Six Million Dollar Man series for Dynamite and we've interviewed him and looked at his writer's commentary, I thought it we turn the spotlight onto the other half of the team, Juan Antonio Ramirez who is handling the art duties for Season Six. BLEEDING COOL: How[...]
Somewhere, There's A Viper With The Name Dan Abnett On It
Our own Jim Kuhoric got to chat with Abnett about his run on the classic 70s TV series turned comic book. JIM KUHORIC: Classic Battlestar Galactica is one of the properties that helped to define science fiction in the late 1970s Were you a fan of the original show before picking up the reins with the[...]
Jim Zub Revealing Secrets From New Pathfinder Series
Our own Jim Kuhoric chatted with Zub about the new series and working it into the gaming universe. JIM KUHORIC: As the writer on Pathfinder: City of Secrets you are presenting both a story and an adventure path for players to enjoy.  Is there any special preparation that goes into writing a series knowing that it[...]
Six Million Dollar Man #2 Writer Commentary by Jim Kuhoric
Six Million Dollar Man #2 Writer Commentary by Bleding Cool's Jim Kuhoric P1 -2 Welcome back – Previously on The Six Million Dollar Man: we pick up with the cliffhanger from issue #1…the scientists of NASA's Kennedy Space Center examine the recovered satellite and wonder just how it managed to survive reentry But what's this, an[...]
Extended Look At The Six Million Dollar Man And Red Team 7 Out Tomorrow
And not to sound biased… being the Jim Kuhoric works here… but I am really looking forward to the Six Million Dollar Man! THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN: SEASON SIX #1 Jim Kuhoric (w) Juan Antonio Ramirez (a) Alex Ross, Ken Haeser (c) FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+ It's the Six Millions Dollar Man's 40th anniversary, and Dynamite brings you[...]
Want To Get Published? Bleeding Cool Magazine Is Looking For You
Editor-in-Chief Jim Kuhoric will be at the Avatar Press booth at the Baltimore Comic Con this weekend and encourages writers, artists and photographers to come by and talk with him about becoming part of the BCM family. That's Jim on the right hand side there. Writers, bring your ideas for comic/film/television articles Artist bring your portfolios[...]